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  1. Hi, We're seeing multiple blocks for Office, This can happen at strange times when the application is not being used but open (2AM when someone has left their laptop on and Office is open but not in use). Is anyone experiencing this? Only seems to be fairly recent. Attached the logs from the device which had blocked WINWORD.exe archived-1741-mbae-alert.log mbae-default.log
  2. We have deployed this to around half of our estate (3000 PC's) and don't seem to be getting any alerts relating to Adobe Reader. Think this has done the trick, Will this be applied as part of the management console?
  3. Hi, Great, I will let you know what our results are.
  4. Yes, Can we have an update as this is becoming more and more of an issue.
  5. Please see the attached logs for anti-exploit, These are the same devices Lee has posted about. MalwareBytes AntiExploit Logs.zip
  6. Hi, I am in process of clearing up all the PUMs I deem as false positives. We currently have 18,000 alerts in threat view which I believe I have added most of these to the ignore list. I would like to know how to clear all these in bulk as the Page "All" option does not show me all threats to then highlight and remove. Any advice? Sure it's a simple option somewhere.
  7. Hi, We have logged numerous calls with Malwarebytes which they have decided to e-mail us to ask if the call can be closed as we have not contacted? We've had not response from the team yet... We basically have pushed the .MSI which we have created in the console via Dell KACE (Similar to SCCM) and this has installed on the clients with no problem. These are not reporting into the management console. We have this error "Managed Client software was already installed. The client has not been registered. Object reference not set to an instance of an object." This is on most of our estate so we can not push policies out. We have had some poor support since purchasing this 3 weeks ago and are getting the point of removing this from our estate. Can we have a contact for a call center or have some remote support as I bored of constantly sending logs with NO resolution. Dan
  8. Hi I am a business user. We are using 1.7.0 management console with Anti Malware and Anti exploit. Buckey... If they didn't constantly apply updates you would not be protected from new viruses or would not get new features. I'm sure they do testing so the "Rant" is stupid.
  9. Is this a known issue and is there a fix?
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