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  1. We are receiving lots of Exploit detection reports all coming from Office products mainly Word. It seems to be when the Application is upgrading to version 2020.05.22.03 Is anyone else seeing this?
  2. Yes we have started seeing the same thing in the past 2 hours with about 40 alerts coming in for mainly office products word, excel been the main ones.
  3. Yes we updated an hour or so ago and seems to have resolved it. Not great though having 100+ machines constantly flagging false trojans over a couple of hours!
  4. I have just seen that it seems to be an Office patch installing KB4461625 that is flagging has anyone else had an issue with this?
  5. We have had a number of machines running Windows 7 and Anti-Malware version v2019.01.17.02 and alot of them seem to be flagging trojan.Emotet in C:\Windows\Installer staraight after the update has anyone else seen this? As im unsure if this is a false positive?
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