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  1. In "services" my option is "stop the services", so do that and then in same spot later I can start again?
  2. Seems others having same issue. I cant get web protection to go on and I get a message "unable to contact license server" more to the message than that, cant remember it all now. HELP
  3. Same here, dont know how to check if it is eating up memory though but I cant get web protection to go on.
  4. so take it off the "recommended" setting it is on now to the NEVER setting...this hides its existence from windows so that AVG wont turn it off? I want to make sure I am not doing a mistake here.
  5. Thanks, but it requires me to answer, forgot the question, something about leave passive on? I am not sure what the answer is, as I bet it will happen again. But thanks for helping, so i do NOT want passive mode in AVG, right? And i do want and should be able to run AVG and MB Web Protection at same time as I had been doing for two years before this? i.e. for 2 years or so no issues, then a popup. Should I be downloading a new version of 3 ?
  6. Free version of AVG said it was going into PASSIVE mode because I have another anti virus program running, and I do Malwarebytes I think I now have both "web protection" on and the AVG on but not sure, and why did I get this message from AVG and how do I deal with this?
  7. stuck on items scanned 103,944 havent tried to shut computer off yet, will i be able to, assume so...frustrating
  8. not seeing that and dont know how to update it there is an update feature sort of but says i am up to date
  9. i wish i knew how to find out what the proper, correct newest version is and how to get it it should be simpler than this
  10. why do some people have 3.2.05 or whatever it is and I having installed it today have I am premium, do I have the right one?
  11. i am 3.0.6 why is yours newer than mine, i installed today getting frustrated here
  12. Yes 3.0 1403 multiple reboots, still doing it
  13. Rebooted several times, still happening.
  14. While I am still having the popup issue, I noticed my version is different from others. I also see 1.0.75 and 1.0.1403
  15. Thank you! I see we are all still getting this issue, the popup on 3.0. My version is and that is different from others I have seen people mention here
  16. yes, that is what i am experiencing, btw how do you force an update on 3.0 or try and see if there is one, i dont see that option found it but wow, hard to find
  17. I am on 3.0 .6 1469 and i cant find a way to initiate an update like i could on old style , how do you do that oh and I am STILL getting popups
  18. it had stopped after the fix before I upgraded to 3.0 but now on 3.0 it wont stop doing the popup
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