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Found 12 results

  1. I had the same issue pop up last night as before with the super high cpu and ram usage....Think I'm gonna uninstall it for a while and see how the pc runs.
  2. I have been having the exact same problem recently. High RAM usage, not showing in task manager, but also my system becomes almost unresponsive. The problem immediately resolves itself when I close Malwarebytes, is this a problem with the latest version? I am running the latest versions of Windows 10 Home and Malwarebytes 3.
  3. I have not had any problems with this PC since it is a fairly recent build, however recently I have noticed excessive memory usage. I have 16GB of RAM in this computer which should have no problem running most applications, but there seems to be something taking up over 12GB of RAM at all times (as soon as the computer is booted up). Task manager is providing no information as to what it is, so I can only guess it is some kind of memory leak. Here is some more information about my computer: GeForce GTX 1070 Intel(R) Core(TM) I5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz 16 GM RAM Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 Attached you will find images of my task manager while the problem is occurring, at first I assumed the problem was caused by the Anti-malware Service Executable from windows defender, but I no longer believe that is the issue.
  4. Found MWB with memory leak and high cpu usage again this morning. Update package version is 1.0.3838. Looks like the same issue as last Saturday except that Real Time Protections are enabled.
  5. I am having the same problem as well - I ran the sc delete mbamwebprotection fix already - no luck. mb-check-results.zip
  6. Same problem as I had on this post except It does not go back to off and when I attempt to turn it on it constantly builds memory usage to the point of crashing my computer mb-check-results.zip
  7. Today's Malwarebytes update seems to have broken the program. The Real-time Web Protection can't turn on and it has a memory leak that's eating up more RAM in a few seconds than funky computer games do in an hour. I've never seen a memory leak this bad. I'll attach the requested files from your scanners. We hope you fix this nonsense quickly. Otherwise I'm going to have to uninstall your glitchy program since I can't get it to stay shut off for long. Addition.txt FRST.txt mb-check-results.zip
  8. Hi, it looks like I've got the problem lot's are experiencing. 3 days ago I had a problem with my computer shutting down because of a bios misconfiguration and processing some video files with Movie Maker. After that was resolved I started to get the pop about web protection not on and I couldn't turn it back on. I downloaded the MB-Clean tool and used it to do a clean removal and reinstall of MWB 3.3.1 yesterday and it appeared to fix the problem. About 15 mins ago, while on the web doing some searches I got a low memory warning and then a BSOD. After the dump and reboot I opened Task Manager and watched the processes window and saw MWB eating memory at about 32 megs every update until I had about 1/2 my memory used up. I ended the process but it restarted and commenced the same leakage. So, I ended the process and used MB-Clean to remove MWB and reinstall again. This time it took forever to install and when the welcome screen showed it revealed a standard license. When I input my license key it appeared to accept it but never updated. So, I removed MWB using the Programs and Features selection in Control Panel. I am currently not using MWB until this is resolved. I'm hoping it's a problem with the software and not an attack.
  9. mb-check-results.zip Hello: I have a subscription and am running Malwarebytes v 3.3.1 and it apparently has a memory leak issue. While running, it will continue to use memory until it reaches the maximum available memory and then causes my computer to crash. I have run the tests advised by Malwarebytes support in another user post and attached the results. Please assist in resolving this issue as the program is useless to me currently. Regards, Matt
  10. Hello, so today I encountered a new problem with my MBAM, seemingly out of nowhere. Never had this before. So I woke up, turned my screen on and my PC was completely 'censoreded up'. Loads of things had stopped working, I checked task manager and MBAMService.exe was having extreme memory leaks. I tried shutting it down, unable to. Had to do go through CMD and do it. And everytime, I shut MBAMService.exe down, it automatically started itself again. And it was still leaking, everytime. It went up extremely fast as well, several gigabytes in 30 seconds. CPU, Private memory, RAM. Video example: I have now just tried reinstalling MBAM, restarting my PC several times as well. The memory leak is gone, that's great. BUT, everytime i open the GUI and I click something, it stops responding. Unable to do anything at all in the GUI for 5 minutes. Also MBAM is unable to contact the licence server for some reason. I checked my hosts file and nothing is blocked. UPDATE: As I am writing this, MBAMService.exe has started with the memory leaks again. It's right now using 8 gigabytes, going up fast. Please help, thanks!
  11. So, I ran into this issue after taking a really relaxing shower. Now, I feel like I could need another to get me to calm down again. I don't wanna leave a hate comment on this, but really: I'm kinda disappointed. I tried multiple things to save my computer from crashing in the first place but in the end, I was left alone with a beautiful black screen. Such a great contrast! Keeping the jokes besides, Malwarebytes seemed to still behave in a weird way after a hard reset. I'm talking about the Malwarebytes Service, which can be seen in the Task Manager, slowly eating your RAM as if it was an All-You-Can-Eat buffet. I was able to kill the Task but as stated in many other threads on this forum, it returns after a couple of seconds to finish its meal. I did a MB-Check before I took more drastic actions and I'll detach it here. So maybe someone's able to work with it. After that I decided on clearing my Quarantine and uninstall Malwarebytes for doing a fresh instal of it. Well I think if you're having the same type of issue, you know what happened next: Malwarebytes crashed. That's it. But not only it crashed, the Malwarebytes Service kept annoying me further. Great thing. I wanted to deactivate Malwarebytes for my Windows boot start-up, but it wasn't there anymore. "Okay, now it's getting creepy", was my first thought and I decided on uninstalling Malwarebytes completely. But how? I used the MB-Clean, provided by the Company we usually trust to keep us save from Viruses, and agreed to it for doing a clean uninstall of Malwarebytes. Wow, we've come so far, this has to have a happy end? No? Sadly no. I think the uninstaller didn't work properly because when I started it, our loved Malwarebytes Service again decided to start-up without us asking it to do so. I would love to attach these Logs here now, but unfortunately they got deleted. The Reason why, is because I decided on redoing the clean uninstall twice again. I created folders where I put the logs for each run in. After the Third clean, which I executed in adminmode, the log of my first scan was gone. Dunno how this is possible, but somehow the MB-Cleaner somehow seemed to delete my Log inside of a separate folder. Hope it's a feature not a Bug . However fortunetalely, the second and third Log are still in their folders. I noticed that there's still the "Malwarebytes"-folder in my programsfolder. It still has some content in it aswell, but I wont delete them manually just now. They may become handy. Who knows? So yeah, Malwarebyted seems to be somehow uninstalled now with some tiny leftovers. As many people I also got a message on Malwarebytes crashing, saying: "Yo, there's something wrong with our license Servers try ag..."-blablabla. So, many people now suspect that the whole problem with this massive memory leak is a bug (or maybe a feature) caused by the program not getting a reply from the servers and therefore getting catched in a loop of RAM-Hunger. Awesome! I really hope that this is the only issue MB is facing there rightnow and it has nothing to do with Spectre or Meltdown. Some people already managed to deactive the service of MB so they don't have to uninstall it. Great decision, wish I would have been that smart aswell. For now, I'm gonna wait for MB to give me a reply and the reason behind this devastating "Bug". I would appreciate it, when someone could tell if I can delete the Malwarebytes folder manually. Also a small edit: While searching through my SSD, I found a Report file, could it be of use? Looks like it keeps track of all the different program parts to start-up. Anyways, I hope this is going to be fixed soon, because c'mon, we all love this product, make it great again please. Have a nice day, and if you're a MB-Staff I wish you best luck to find a quick solution and make all the customers happy again. -Jerre :] second mb-clean-results.txt third mb-clean-results.txt mbae-default.log MBAMSERVICE.LOG mb-check-results.txt dbupdate.log exclusions.txt
  12. I've notice a few issues with MB 3.0, one is that when you open it; it does not open to the desktop? it opens to the tray and it takes about 30 seconds of clicking on it to get it to open to the desktop?? it then reports that updates are current even when they aren't? you have to click 'check for updates' and it will proceed to download updates then report they are current? so it seems it does not check the updates validity when opened and just reports its up to date.. ...now for my main concern, when scanning my SSD it uses 100% CPU and 90-99% RAM..? soon as I pause the scan the usage drops, now i can expect 100% CPU but not 100% RAM of 8GB..? that sounds like a memory leak to me? I know SSD's are fast and it was scanning at 180MB/s in some cases, but surely MB should delete the file from RAM after its been scanned and is clean? meaning the RAM usage should never be over what MBAM uses and maybe 1-3 files its scanning any advice will be gratefully appreciated thanks
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