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  1. Hi, Thank you for the update. It seems that after the update (v 1.0.627) the performance is not affected when the Ransomware Protection is enabled. I will keep you posted if something changes the next days.
  2. Unfortunately is not working. (Self-protection - Disabled & Ransomware Protection - Enabled)
  3. Hi I've reinstall Malwarebytes and the issue came back. I will keep using Malwarebytes 3.8 with Ransomware Protection disabled and I hope there will be a solution soon. Hopefully there is no any problem by keeping Ransomware Protection disabled. Thank you
  4. Yes now it looks my PC speed is back to normal. Should I keep Ransomware Protection disabled? Reinstall? Revert to previous version?
  5. Hi , Yesterday my PC it was working like normal fast, smooth and today suddenly is like a turtle. I've already did full scan with 0 founds. It takes time to open some programs and I've noticed most of the issue while using Avidemux (lightweight video editing program) it takes longer to open & index the video while yesterday it was a matter of seconds. But I've realized, when I close Malwarebytes from Task Manager it goes back to normal bot PC and the video editing program. I've tried it also in Safe Mode where Malwarebytes is not working and the PC runs normal. Can you please help me to resolve the issue? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi nasdaq Thank you for your prompt reply. Please note that I'm not able to download the attached txt. Thank you
  7. Hey Since yesterday I'm getting riskware popup on every website when using chrome. Is this a bug of the program or I'm infected? The Domain of the riskware is c.securing-request.com Can you please advice a way to check for more? Thanks
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