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  1. Scan results are attached. mb-check-results.zip
  2. I keep getting a popup that Real-Time Protection is turned off. I turn if on, but then it immediately turns back off and the warning window pops up. Version Comp pkg 1.0.262 Update 1.0.3835
  3. Yes, but why can't I delete the file? What do I need to do? And thanks for the help.
  4. I found it. Thanks. Spoke to soon. I'm using TreeSize and opening it as administrator - but I get a message that I need permission from the administrators. Your thoughts?
  5. Is there away to turn off / disable the upgrade notice (see attached)? I'm having computer issues and do not want to have to reboot.
  6. I've been getting the same issue every two to three days for about a couple of weeks. It always seem to turns on okay. But then reappears in a few days. This is the third unrelated issue I've had since upgrading to 3.0 - started to feeling bummed.
  7. Wow, that cleaned things up nicely. Guess I need to update my other computers also.
  8. I updated to the latest package. I'll let things percolate for a day. Thanks.
  9. My version is as follows: Malwarebytes: Component package: 1.0.50 Update package: 1.0.1449 I haven't done any disk imaging since late January. There have also been a lot of changes to the list - see attached (both sorted by date). My deleting these will I lose anything other than system restore points? I'm curious, why are system restore points stored on a storage drive? I'd think this would only be on the boot drive.
  10. Another space related question: I have a 6 TB storage drive and 1/2 TB is being used up by files in the System Volume Information folder - see attached. Do I really need all these files?
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