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  1. Today's Malwarebytes update seems to have broken the program. The Real-time Web Protection can't turn on and it has a memory leak that's eating up more RAM in a few seconds than funky computer games do in an hour. I've never seen a memory leak this bad. I'll attach the requested files from your scanners. We hope you fix this nonsense quickly. Otherwise I'm going to have to uninstall your glitchy program since I can't get it to stay shut off for long. Addition.txt FRST.txt mb-check-results.zip
  2. I'm having the same problem. After today's update it's got a huge memory leak and can't seem to turn on its Web Protection. I don't know what the developers did, but if they don't fix this nonsense fast it's going to cause a lot of problems.
  3. Fixed the issue myself. Turns out it was just a loose video card cable that I wasn't aware of. Thanks anyway.
  4. Worth a shot I suppose. It certainly beats building a new PC from scratch. I'm not terribly concerned about the Windows Search nonsense. Odds are that was from my use of CCleaner to remove old MS Search files. I've also tried to delete the old Ethernet drivers that came with my parts and install new ones from Intel's website. It seemed to work for 1 day, then the problems with the Nvidia drivers crashing returned. I am not going to be installing drivers via Windows Update. I've learned the hard way that doing so does more harm than good. But if you have any other ideas, I'm op
  5. Around 2 months ago Malwarebytes said it detected a Trojan in my drivers. Malwarebytes has been reliable in the past, so I had it remove the thing after it was quarantined. Shortly after I did so my games started crashing due to "Video Driver stopped responding and has recovered" and D3D Device missing errors. My PC has also gotten a black screen and has had loud, unpleasant noise transmitted through my headphones, which can't be fixed without hitting the reboot button. Doing so only fixes the problem temporarily. At this time I can't run any games without them crashing due to the va
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