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  1. Yes, all four of the real-time protection settings including ransomware and web are enabled.
  2. I've noticed improved boot time as well. I have an SSD so it was always "fast" to boot up, relatively speaking, but since the new update, it has shaved off roughly 3 seconds from my welcome/login screen to desktop; quite impressive.
  3. I turned automatic updates back on and forced an update to the 1.0.527 components package this morning and have been running MBAM Premium with all real-time protections fully enabled for several hours now with zero freezes. This is a huge improvement from before where I couldn't go 30 minutes, sometimes even 10 minutes, without a freeze. I will leave it on for the remainder of the day to ensure all is well. There doesn't appear to be any impact to my PC; all programs are running as expected like before the freezing.
  4. For the past week or so, I had just outright disabled MBAM on my PC upon startup waiting to see if a fix would be provided. Since the issue seems to be on-going for quite a while and I'm getting back into the swing of things with my employer and needing to browse the web again, earlier today I went ahead and rolled back to the previous component package outlined in workaround #2 of the pinned thread. I am now running licensed MBAM version with component package 1.0.482 and update package 1.0.8834 with all real-time protections fully enabled and so far no freezes. Have been able
  5. All these posts about people spending days, if not weeks, tearing apart their desktops and checking RAM, video cards, CPUs, motherboards, power supplies, etc. and even buying entirely new hardware to replace the old terrifies me. I can't imagine someone spending so much time going to such great lengths to troubleshoot a problem of this nature, being unable to find out the cause, chalk it up to faulty hardware, replace nearly everything, if not outright upgrade to an entirely new machine, and go to reinstall all their programs and find the freezing problem STILL occurring. I was about to go dow
  6. When did the freeze first start occurring? January 7th. I had not used my PC near the end of 2018 and the first week of January due to being on vacation for the holidays. What were you doing on the computer immediately prior to the latest freeze? Nothing; was letting it idle and complete all startup apps. Did you notice anything significant occur around the time of the latest freeze (e.g. AV notification, application crash, etc)? My Blizzard Battle.net software had initiated a download for a game update. I had Windows Task Manager opened to the Proces
  7. I'll try to help out if possible; premium MBAM end-user with a custom built PC. My PC's been freezing since Jan 7th, not a blue screen crash, just hangs on the desktop or whatever application I have open and all inputs become unresponsive. Only way to resolve is a hard reboot. The freezing I've been encountering seems to be aggressive, one time it froze less than five minutes after boot up to the desktop. A couple of other times it's been roughly 10 to 20 minutes into normal use (Web browsing, playing games, opening applications, etc.). Spent a whole day in safe mode toggling progr
  8. Yes, I hadn't thought about it scanning the registry earlier than the GUI indicated. Thanks.
  9. Does the "Scan Registry" part of Malwarebytes threat scanner do anything? Reason I ask is every time I run a scan (Threat or custom, doesn't matter), the process seems to skip over the Scan Registry process really fast. Every other process (Scan Memory, Scan Startup Files, etc.) takes anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or so, but Scan Registry finishes in what seems like 0.001 seconds. Not sure if it's actually doing anything.
  10. Excellent, glad to hear it. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me and provide expert assistance. I haven't used my PayPal account in years but once I get it running again, I'll be sure to send you a donation for your time and effort. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks for all your help. Is there a way you can tell from the log files if my Chrome is truly clean and shouldn't have any problems going forward or will I have to monitor its behavior over the next week or so and see if any problems return or persist? The original problem I had is I would remove the undesired extensions and ads from my Chrome and everything would seem fine for about two to three days; I didn't see any obvious signs of malware, browser hijacking or redirects, or ads. Then after about three or four days, the problem would return, all of a sudden I'd get web page redirects and
  12. Downloaded and ran Delfix tool. Attached Delfix.txt to this post. Is it okay at this point to resume using my PC as normal and re-enabling my Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus or is there more to do? DelFix.txt
  13. Downloaded your fixlist.txt and saved it to the desktop. Ran Farbar Recovery Scan Tool as administrator and clicked "Fix." The process completed and put a fixlog.txt on my desktop. It did prompt for a system reboot and the message also said I wouldn't receive any further notifications. I allowed the system to fully reboot. Once finished rebooting, I launched Chrome and returned here to attach the fixlog.txt to my post. Fixlog.txt
  14. Re-ran Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. Attached FRST.txt and Addition.txt to this post. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  15. Much better results this time around, it seems. Downloaded and ran the AdwCleaner tool. At first it flashed a pop-up saying the version I was running was outdated and asked if I wanted to go to AdwCleaner's web site and download the latest version. I clicked "Cancel" and proceeded to run the version you linked in your post. The scan went by fairly quick and only found a handful of entries in the Folders, Registry, and Chrome tabs. I clicked "Cleaning" and waited for it to clean everything. It then prompted me to do a system reboot. After finishing the reboot, the log file appeared on my sc
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