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  1. I upgraded to version last week and this totally fixed the scheduler problem for me. I changed my scheduled time now to 9:14 pm from 2:14 am, and my log history shows that it has been working every day since.
  2. I was wondering if there is a way to permanently turn off "Web Protection" so that it stays off even after a reboot? I have other software I prefer to use for this purpose.
  3. So there is nothing that can be done...until a new version is released?
  4. Hi Durew, I just tried your suggestion of using the clean removal tool and then installing from the admin account. I did not have any luck. It doesn't matter how I add, delete, or edit the schedule.... the scheduler reverts to a 2 to 2:59 am scan time after a reboot. Its as if the configuration files are being overwritten and just don't stick. Regards scottsan
  5. Hi mrgecko....you are not alone. I have tried reinstalling MB, editing the scheduled scan, deleting the scheduled scan...and a few other things. Upon a reboot the scheduled scan changes to a time between 2:30am and 3:00am. This is pretty frustrating and useless as my computer is off during this time. Does anyone have any solutions for this???
  6. Hi....is there any progress on getting MalwareNET or something similar to show malware vendor information? I found MalwareNET information very helpful and interesting.
  7. Hi, Is anybody looking into this problem? It was a very nice feature of MalwareNET to display some information on the unwanted crap that Malwarebytes found.
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