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  1. Hello, I've come across the above info in a couple of threads while researching an issue with the agent taking down several of our servers. I had a few questions in regards to that and a couple others. Is there a best practices guide for all of this, I've found guides for the old product but not Endpoint Protection? Our sales team indicated the new agent was fully compatible with server operating systems, never mentioned disabling real time protection or anything of that nature. We're deploying globally to almost 1500 servers. Are there plans on fully supporting a server envi
  2. I have tried to disable notifications for Mbam thru the action center and thru the app itself and I am still getting the popup notifications on the bottom right hand corner of the taskbar. Please advise on how to turn off notifications of these please. The OS is Windows 7.
  3. This is the same issue as seen in the thread https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/255081-loginhelperco/ This is for a user who keeps getting notifications (windows notifications). She does not have any questionable Chrome extensions and she hadn't even had her Chrome open when she got this notif. The parent PID points to Chrome but it must be something else since not everybody gets these kinds of notifications in the org.
  4. I was working on something in Firefox recently when I noticed this pop-up notification. Is this expected behavior from Malwarebytes? I've never seen a pop-up notification like it. No offense to the MBAM design team, but it honestly doesn't look legitimate and I want to confirm that this is legit.
  5. So after this new update I can no longer see whats inside the notifications. I click on them but nothing shows up. The language is in Swedish but I recorded this to a GIF and show that I can't get redirected to the page that shows what the tool detected. This was working before, but not anymore I don't know why.
  6. I have a simple question. I do NOT have a computer problem. If I see this notification: does this mean that FILE is attempting to Receive information from the IP Address? Thanks
  7. On my Android, Ver. 6.0.1 Verizon Note 4 I am getting ibb.co notifications that will not stop. I installed MWB for Android and it is not seeing anything. What am I missing?
  8. In Settings, Application, Application Updates I have both off. Yet it still pesters me all day long asking me if I want the newer version. Does this software have a seriously bad case of amnesia? You'd think after about 50 times of hearing NO it would learn. Or am I doing this wrong? I sure hope so.
  9. Request: allow the update notification to use the notification system built into Windows 10 rather than a popup that must be manually dismissed repeatedly until dismissed or disabled. Background: For anyone who games, watches movies, or does other full-screen activities, Malwarebytes' current notification implementation is very frustrating. It appears on the screen and must be manually be dismissed. In the midst of any action-oriented game, this can be catastrophic for gameplay. For movies, it's merely annoying. And dismissing it only does so for an hour, plus or minus. A user's
  10. Hello, When I access websites that should be blocked I don't get the pop-up notifications in the bottom right corner of the screen. I can either see that the website is completly blocked with the malwarebyes url and white background or if it's something like coin hive or other stuff I can find about it in the reports section, but only if I CHECK since the pop-up notification doesn't work hence I don't know if I am on a potentially dangerous website. The pop-ups worked fine in the past. I tried to restart and didn't solve. Also I've checked and I have everything from notifications se
  11. I have disabled all of the notifications in MWB for Android, save for the persistent notification for RTP (heeding its warnings about Android system killing the process). Unfortunately, I get notifications (with sound) any time MWB begins scanning something, as well as a notification that the item is safe. WHY?!?!!? First off, why the f*** would I need such a notification? Secondly, why do I need two notifications-- one that it's starting a scan, then another one that the item is safe? This is made worse by application groups that do their own-self updating (e.g., Oculus, Facebook),
  12. Hi Malwarebytes peoples, I prefer to turn off Web Protection but still use other protection modules. This causes a secondary safety problem as described by Malwarebytes' online help: This all-or-nothing approach creates either danger (if I disable notifications for all protection types) or coercion (if I must restore Web Protection for the sake of meaningful warnings of other types of protection failures). Please let us (optionally) tick off which protection modules should send notifications and alter the appearance of the system tray icon. Competing products (some, anyway) o
  13. I run a computer repair shop here in Central Florida and we are also an affiliate with CleverBridge to push Malwarebytes to our customers on a regular basis, because it is an excellent product and we stand by it 100%. The only thing that's a bugger are the non-stop notifications that pop up for those that use the free version. With previous editions of Malwarebytes it was never, ever this bad. I understand you want people to purchase your product, but please take my advice on this one — these "UPGRADE NOW" notifications just annoy people and make them want to uninstall it. This practice
  14. I wanted to uninstall malwarebytes the other day so I went to the apps folder and tossed it in the recycling bin and deleted it. Today it asked me to update my software. I restarted my computer but was asked again upon rebooting. I download the unistaller but after installing I couldnt find where it went so now I have to get that off my computer as well. What is up?
  15. After a recent upgrade, Malwarebytes for Android shows "Your Device Has Issues" notifications daily, and when I tap them, I always go to a "No malware found!" message. Malwarebytes, if you're listening: don't tell me my phone has issues if it doesn't. I want a notification only if there's a problem. And if you're only telling me you've run a scan, I want a way to turn those notifications off. Malwarebytes users: If any of you know of a way to disable these bogus notifications, I'd love to hear it. I couldn't find one.
  16. I use Malwarebytes 3 Premium on Windows 7, and recently I've been getting a lot of spam from the domain mx4.earthlink.net which triggers Malwarebytes notifications that a website is blocked. They keep popping up, showing that whatever it is in the email is continually trying sequential ports until it finds one it can get through. The notifications continue for a while even after the email is deleted, so it appears that something is continuing to run on my computer (I'm attaching one of the notifications). Eventually it stops, and I don't know if that means it got through a port, because the
  17. I am getting constant notifications of a Website Blocked. I have looked up the IP on Google. Domain is coinhive.com, with many different IP adresses. Here is one: This is constant popups that are driving me crazy. I do not wish to allow this site on my machine and you offer no other way to stop it. This is too distracting to work with. Please help me. There has to be a way to stop this. I have versiom
  18. How do I stop the 'Real-Time Protection turned off' notifications from occurring when I've specifically disabled the Web Protection setting? I see that this is supposed to be a new usability feature since the May 10, 2017 / 3.1 update, but every time I turn on my computer, that notification pops up and I would like that to stop.
  19. Hosting a java based Minecraft server from my computer. Internal IP address works fine for accessing. Cannot use Dyndns (duckdns.org) IP, nor direct IP to connect to the server with Malwarebytes web protection turned on. It does pop up notices that it blocked a "Java malicious inbound socket detected". BUT, where this SHOULD popup in the exclusions tab for a "previously detected threat", there is nothing listed, so I can't just add an exclusion.I did do a web exclude for website (duckdns.org), and it worked for about 4-5 hours. Then, it blocked access again by itself later on. (EDIT
  20. Hi, I'm having a somewhat strange problem with Malwarebytes. For some reason the notifications about updates (or upgrading to premium) are displayed twice. They show up with about one second time interval, maybe less (both notifications have intractable buttons). It's like I have two instances of Malwerbytes (I don't think that's the case even if it is possible). It's not really that big of a problem, just seems somewhat strange. Is there any way to fix it?
  21. I'm using a Dell Inspiron 11 with Windows 10 and I get a notification that this program is running every single time I get online. The pop-up not only takes time to close away but it makes noise too. How do I turn it off?
  22. Hi folks, As a long-time premium user, I've been sold on MBAM for the better part of a decade, in part because it "just worked", didn't bother me too much, and didn't seem to cause the slowdowns many other packages caused. My experiences with MBAM 3.0 on my home machine (as distinct from older PCs, where it does not always play as nice) have been pretty much along the same lines, but there are a few things about MBAM 3.0 that I believe could be improved. In particular: With respect to the UI, as an advanced user, I really like to be able to see what my software is doing. When I tell
  23. So every 15 minutes of the entire day I get an extremely abrasive Malwarebytes random popup on the lower-right corner, it'll either say Skype is a virus or it'll just randomly open up the Malwarebytes program and leave it at that. I tried disabling every form of notification but it still pops up every 15 minutes, how do I prevent this from spamming me relentlessly? Or do we need to switch to another program.
  24. Every time I open a browser, or a PDF, or an Office file, etc., Windows 10 gives me an annoying notification that Anti-Exploit is protecting me. Will this go away if I decide, after the free trial, to switch to premium? I don't want to turn off notifications completely, since I want to be notified is Anti-Exploit finds a problem.Thanks.
  25. Hi, As requested I have started this thread to ask if the update notifications work in Win10. I have not been notified of any updates on two machines I've upgraded from Win7 x64 SP1 to Win10 x64. The rest of MBAM is working fine and scheduled scans are running as expected. I am only enquiring about the update notifications. Thanks
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