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  1. Welcome. Please replicate the block again and then attach here the mbae-default.log file from C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\LOGS directory.
  2. We'll see what we can do @hake. I have a similar experience as you since early 90's and even if just for the memories I'd like MBAE standalone to continue protecting XP machines.
  3. Thanks for confirming Ian. We are still investigating as it might not have been your fault. It might have accidentally turned itself on for some time during an upgrade or config change condition.
  4. Thanks for reproducing it again without pentesting and providing fresh set of logs. Team is looking into it.
  5. I wonder what MSFT is doing with all those super large enterprises which have paid it millions to continue supporting XP. Maybe there's a hotfix for them, just not available publicly. Lemme discuss internally with the team.
  6. Good practice. We've noticed what "could be" corrupt config files after upgrades, but no concrete evidence yet. If you experience that, please let me know. Edit to clarify: it's just a hypothesis at the time, and only for a small segment corner-case users.
  7. Are you sure you didn't turn this on yourself? Yes please, try again after turning it off.
  8. Can you also check if you created a custom anti-exploit shield for python.exe?
  9. No, it should be disabled by default. The weird thing is that the block you are reporting should only occur if pentesting mode is enabled. Can you please verify that pentesting is disabled, then reboot, replicate the problem again, and upload a fresh set of logs? Thanks for all your help!
  10. Welcome to the forums iwatts3519. Can you please confirm that you don't have "pentesting mode" enabled under the anti-exploit settings? Also, please check if there is a custom anti-exploit shield for python.exe.
  11. Welcome to the forums Alwyn. Can you please confirm that you don't have "pentesting mode" enabled under the anti-exploit settings?
  12. Sorry, my bad. Try again: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/gqzmc4l63nj8r3qq2fccawkussrrqpnj
  13. The ZIP seems corrupt and/or incomplete. Can you please try to gather logs again? Alternatively, just post the files mbae-default.log and mbae-default.xpe. You will find them in C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\LOGS directory.
  14. Try this one please: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/gqzmc4l63nj8r3qq2fccawkussrrqpnj
  15. Right, that might be due to MSFT's deprecation of SHA2 digital signatures and new signing requirements. I'll post a new installer in the next few days.
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