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  1. Does your "About Me" mean you still use a CRT Monitor ?


  2. Hi LT, I returned from my trip earlier than expected and I was able to collect the logs you required. You have a PM.
  3. Hi LT, I understand. No problems. I will complete the steps and post the required logs immediately when I return from my trip next weekend.
  4. Hi LT, I uninstalled the old version, created a new user account, installed the latest version ( but unfortunately the problem is still occurring: EventLogs.zip
  5. Hi LT, I am sorry for the delay but I was swamped with work the last 2 weeks. I will proceed with the steps as soon as possible. I was able only to test the issue with GeForce Experience disabled (a clean boot was performed) and that didn't resolve the problem. Next I will fully uninstall GeForce Experience to see if there will be any difference and will let you know. Also I will create a new user account to see if the issue occurs there. In the meantime I noticed that there is a new BETA build. Should I use it instead? Regards, Georgi
  6. Hi LT, I noticed the same thing. The issue only appears when starting Malwarebytes (since I am testing the free version only for second opinion scanner and I don't have the real-time protection and that's why I don't need it to be started in the background all the time I close the application from the tray icon when the scan is done). It happened from a time to time with the 3x version but not every time like with the 4x Beta. Ok, I started MBAM again and I monitored the System logs. I hit the refresh button and the error appeared again. I attached the new System.evtx just in
  7. Hi LT, I installed and ran the latest version you sent me (I uninstalled the old version, rebooted and used the Malwarebytes Support Tool to clean the remnants before installing the new one) but unfortunately I noticed the same errors in the Event Viewer => System Also there is a new one in the Application area: Best regards, G.
  8. I understand. Thanks for letting me know. Btw I disabled both Kaspersky Free AV and Comodo Firewall to avoid possible interference between them and your tool but they were not the culprit. Yes! That was how I proceeded. Regards, Georgi
  9. Hi LT, You have a PM as well. As for the Malwarebytes Support Tool I ran it to collect the logs and I noticed that it downgraded to version for some reason. I opened the %temp% folder and tried to run the 1.5.1 (of course I already closed the previous version) and then I got the "unknown software exception" error: I am curious is the 1.5.1 version not compatible with Windows 8.1 or the problem is somewhere else? Thanks again for your help! Regards, Georgi
  10. Hi LiquidTension, Here we go (The EventViewer logs are included in the archive): Hope this will shed some light on the issue. And here are some dump files from the Malwarebytes Support Tool crashes: mb-support.exe.dmps.zip
  11. Hi, I am currently testing the new beta and it is great (despite the animation transitions are a bit slow in my opinion). I noticed the following in the Event Viewer after installing it and running a threat scan and a custom scan with it: Keep up the good work! Regards, Georgi
  12. Hi, It's been several days. Do you still need help on this? Regards, Georgi
  13. Hi, Your system is malware free and no more scans are required. Thank you for following my instructions perfectly! Now that we are at the end of our journey I have some final words for you. All Clean ! Your machine appears to be clean, please take the time to read below on how to secure the machine and take the necessary steps to keep it Clean. STEP 1 - UPDATING TASKS It is possible for programs on your computer to have securi
  14. Hello, This doesn't seem to be the full log. Can you please attach the log to your next reply? Thanks! Regards, Georgi
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