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  1. Apart from the startup problem with Windows XP, I cannot recall personally encountering any bugs in MBAE and I have been using it since 2013. MB Anti-Ransomware seems to have caused a problem with MBAE a bit more than a year ago but the errors in MBARW were fixed.
  2. The conscientious devs have probably achieved a very worthwhile improvement to quality and reliability and I will be very pleased if it can also enhance other MB products.
  3. The benefits of the improvement also seem to extend to Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. This adds further gloss to an already brilliant product.
  4. My Windows XP SP3 system runs on an 18 year-old PC. I was unable to use a later version of MBAE than for the reason that the mbae-svc.exe process belonging to version 1.13 was very inclined to time-out and it was then impossible to get MBAE running without a restart. Imagine my joy when having persuaded myself against my better judgement to install MBAE, the system startup and the initial logon went as smoothly as a well-oiled precision mechanism. I can now enjoy MBAE's latest protection once again on my ancient XP. I have held back from writing this for several d
  5. The cookie permision button cannot be dismissed until the user has signed in. Is this intentional? Before I signed in, I could not get rid of the thing. It kept popping up again and again. Aaaaaaaaah! I've got it. The intention is that the user uses the cookie to store the user I.D., etc. It's a bit irritating for the casual visitor.
  6. For a non-user of legitimate Java, false positives are surely a positive bonus if it increases the likelihood of any Java being detected.
  7. I have read that .jar files masquerading as .msi files have been infiltrated into systems. Would MBAE Java protection be relevant in such a circumstance?
  8. Thanks for that information Arthi. I can sleep easy about the MBAE installations on the Windows devices of friends and relatives.
  9. I have noticed that the first three Java protections in Advanced Settings in MBAE have become unticked. Is this by design? This has occurred with all the installations I have of Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. I have reinstated the ticked status of those first three protections. I guess that if they were previously enabled that it should continue. I do not knowingly use Java.
  10. AdwCleaner 8.0.7 continues to fail to execute when Windows 8.1 and 10 ASLR is set to Always On. Is AdwCleaner 7.4.2 still effective? That version does execute where AdwCleaner 8.0.7 does not. AdwCleaner 8.0.7 will execute properly with Windows 7 even when ASLR is Always On (EMET 5.52 is needed to force ASLR to be Always On). In Windows 10 I am only using settings made available in PC Settings->Update & Security->Windows Security->App & browser control->Exploit Protection->Systems settings->(Mandatory ASLR - On By Default) and (Bottom-up ASLR - One By Defau
  11. I looked on in helpless horror as the system restarted. There was no way to stop it in the short time available to act. Fortunately I always backup the system BEFORE installing a feature update.
  12. I guess that the apparent lack of an option to wait until the next system start will be in the code. I was simply unable to cancel the restart. MBAE can also require a restart in a similar way but it has not caused a similar difficulty to MBARW, as far as I am aware. I am now on my guard. The incident happened while I was running Windows 10 2004 installer to update from version 1909 (OUCH!) so I was extremely stupid to try to update MBARW at that time. The devil makes work for idle mouse clicking fingers.
  13. If an installation is attempted when MBARW is already auto-updating, a message box will pop up informing the user that a sytem restart is necessary. The trouble is that the user is not allowed to prevent that restart, only delay it for a short time. If another possibly critical operation is proceeding at the same time, then that is the user's bad luck. The moral of this tale appears to be not to manually update MBARW including and after version - 1.1.330.
  14. Come on lad! You've only got 70 yards to go.
  15. I have made an error of omission. I forgot to mention the reporting of a Bottom-Up ASLR Exploit Blocked in Windows XP not long ago. I love this one which appears to show some evidence of modest randomisation of base addresses in Windows XP. It's a nice curiosity if nothing else. It has only happened once. I have been known to stumble across web sites which depict young ladies in bathing custumes . I use MVPS HOSTS and OpenDNS which I have used for many years as do all my 'customers'. We all have OpenDNS and added to our network DNS settings
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