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  1. AdwCleaner now runs with mandatory ASLR enabled on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Thank you for all the hard work done to fix this propblem.
  2. Thank you for your trouble exile360. I think that I got the gist of the matter.
  3. I ran MBAR on Windows XP SP3 and was notified about tthe following two problems: - HKCR\piffile\shell\open\command (Broken.Open.Command) HKCR\scrfile\shell\open\command (Broken.Open.Command) I instructed MBAR to delete these. I have no idea what the effects of these problems being present might be.
  4. After my ineffectual attempt to broach this subject in a thread headed Control Flow Guard, perhaps I should have framed the question differently. It seems impossible, for me at least, to unearth information about incompatibilties created by different anti-exploit protections on other anti-exploit protections. I guess that the question for my particular context should be which anti-exploits from MBAE, OSArmor anti-exploit, Avast anti-exploit and Control Flow Guard should I disable to avoid those different products undermining each other and so creating entry opportunities for exploits? Su
  5. I am curious about the negative effects of using more than a single anti-exploit protection and the consequences of those negative effects in reduced effectiveness of individual protections. Having said that, I do enjoy a charmed life with exploits or rather the infreqency of them. I can only recall three instances of MBAE blocking an exploit in the nearly seven years that I have been using it. Of course, one successful exploit is one too many so MBAE has been valuable to me. I have four simultaneously running anti-exploit facilities on my systems: MBAE, Avast, OSArmor and Windows 10 C
  6. Does MBAE provide similar functionality to Windows 10 Control Flow Guard?
  7. The setting of mandatory ASLR prevents AdwCleaner 8 from running in Windows 8.1 and 10. All my Windows 8.1 and 10 systems use mandatory ASLR and AdwCleaner 8 is the only application to have been adversely affected. I believe that my Windows 7 system also effectively operates mandatory ASLR (using EMET 5.52 to configure it) but without affecting AdwCleaner 8. Subsequent note: I am not sure about Windows 7 which uses different control of ASLR from later Window versions. It is said that Windows 7 ASLR is assured of multiple degrees of entropy which the default ASLR of Windows 8.1 and 10 is n
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