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  1. I have installed MBAE and have not yet seen a repeat of the issues with Windows XP and the batch file/cmd issue or the Windows 7 and Google Chrome issue.
  2. I have installed MBAE and have not yet seen a repeat of the issues with Windows XP and the batch file/cmd issue or the Windows 7 and Google Chrome issue.
  3. I reverted to a clone copy of the Windows 7 on the Intel Pentium 4 Prescott equipped system. This copy was taken on 4 November 2017 and so predates the Microsoft Meltdown fix. I made sure that Google Chrome was at version 65.0.3325.162 and other software was also up to date but with no additional Microsoft updates. MBAE had been updated automatically to version There was no issue with starting Google Chrome repeatedly. I then installed the Microsoft Security and Quality Rollup offered to me by Windows Update. On completing the installation and following the system restart I attempted to run Google Chrome and the issue was immediately apparent. This is clear evidence that the issue is triggered by the Windows security rollup which coincidentally includes the Meltdown fix.
  4. Change to initial message: - The problem with MBAE continues. BTW, this issue applies to both 32bit and 64bit versions of Google Chrome. To Tangerine, I would be happy to supply the MBAE installer if this does not contravene Malwarebytes forum rules. Could someone in authority say something about this.
  5. I keep previous version installers just in case.
  6. I have two Windows 7 (64bit) systems. One runs with an AMD Sempron 3000+ (64bit) processor. Having this processor caused me a bricked system in January. I had just performed a disk clone so recovery was easy. Microsoft immediately withdrew the January rollup security update for this hardware and as far as I can tell there has been no Meltdown fix issued for this hardware since. The Issue I am reporting here has not affected this AMD powered computer and MBAE runs without any problems and with no error messages from Google Chrome. The other Windows 7 system, the problem one, uses an Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 3.2Ghz twin core processor and this has received the Microsoft Meltdown fix. I noticed that Google Chrome had a problem when being started on this system which was when the error message box was displayed. I did not immediately associate the problem with the update of MBAE from to (which incidentally also caused a difficulty on Windows XP) though I was puzzled that it did not happen with the ancient AMD Sempron. MBAE was reinstated on the Intel Prescott powered system and the issue vanished. QED: the issue is with MBAE I am also surmising that the Microsoft Meltdown fix is relevant to the issue. I use MBAE like an organist plays an organ with all the stops pulled out. By that I mean that I enable as many of the advanced MBAE settings as I can. When using MBAE I noticed that disabling Anti-HeapSraying Enforcement and ASLR BottomUp Enforcement for Chrome Browsers reduced the number of instances when the error message box appeared but did not eliminate them. Setting the advanced settings to default made no difference with MBAE Please let m know what information you need me to provide to help you diagnose the issue. I wish that MBAE's Automatically upgrade to new versions setting could simply be put to better use in preventing version updates. All it does is to cause the user to be asked if he/she wants automatic updates and then it updates anyway. It's a pain to keep editing the HOSTS file to achieve and then reverse that effect.
  7. I am experiencing a problem with Google Chrome (32bit) and MBAE on Windows 7 (64bit). There seems to be no problem with MBAE I will provide more details later. I attach a screenshot of a message or protest by Google Chrome.
  8. Just a final comment on the issue. While MBAE was installed, the issue did not always occur at startup. In the chaos of startup, timing probably matters so the intermittency suggests to me that any interference between two or more processes did not happen at every startup. Before and since MBAE was installed and then uninstalled and replaced by MBAE, the issue with the behaviour of the .bat initiated cmd.exe process did not and does not occur at all.
  9. Requested files sent by PM. Frustratingly the issue seems to happen only once or twice after the new MBAE beta has been installed. I will persist with the use of this version and report any further occurences. I can confirm that on reinstating MBAE after first observing the issue late last week that no further occurence of this issue arises.
  10. I use Panda Dome with Windows XP. I use a .bat file which is run from a shortcut in a startup folder. The contents of the file are attached. The problem is that since MBAE was installed, the DOS window that .bat runs in will not close. It did close with MBAE The job of the .bat file is to delete Panda Dome temporary files from the Temp folder in C:\Windows. This untidy arrangement only applies to Windows XP. In later Windows versions the storage is managed invisibly. Apart from this annoyance, the new MBAE beta works in Windows XP and Windows 7 without raising any other issues. delete_Panda_temp_files.txt
  11. This has been an occasional occurrence with MBAE for as long as I have known it. Sorry I cannot shed any light on it.
  12. MBAE 1.11 build 68

    Works fine on my Windows 7 and XP systems. All Advanced settings ticked except for RET ROP Gadget Detections ticked only for Chrome browsers. Nothing untoward to report.
  13. Using MBAE and OSArmor

    My initial impressions have been modified. Encouraged by those with greater knowledge than mine of OSArmor, I have One Windows 7 SP1 (64bit) system and one Windows XP SP3 system using OSArmor 1.4 (Test34 version). I select only applications which are in use for the Anti-Exploit facility. It appears that the modus operandi for OSArmor is different from MBAE. As the man who jumped off the top of the Empire State Building was heard to say as he passed the 70th floor, "So far, so good."
  14. I have found that the enabling of the Anti-Exploit feature of OSArmor is incompatible with the parallel use of MBAE. System lockups can occur and also impairment of protected application performance. Simply disabling OSArmor's Anti-Exploit protection eliminates system lockups and protected applications run smoothly. The Main Protections of OSArmor seem not to affect MBAE and operate unobtrusively. I guess that they are beneficial to the security of the systems on which those protections are applied. I have read nothing untoward about NoVirusThanks or OSArmor.
  15. Very helpful summary of problem here: https://blog.qualys.com/news/2018/01/18/meltdown-and-spectre-arent-business-as-usual#more-24270