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  1. With regard to Meltdown/Spectre and the now apparent role of JavaScript to execute Meltdown/Spectre exploits within web browsers, is MBAE able to identify and mitigate the behaviour of scripts run with JavaScript in the context of Meltdown/Spectre?
  2. I have read that an exploit can be performed by using JavaScript which works in a web browser to access memory. A JavaScript program can read data from the address space of the browser process running it. Browser providers are working on mitigation updates: - https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2018/01/03/mitigations-landing-new-class-timing-attack/ https://www.chromium.org/Home/chromium-security/ssca
  3. MBAE did not react while the patch was being installed. I hope that MBAE will block any exploit needed to install Meltdown/Spectre spyware. I guess that the web browser or email attachment would be the route for an exploit to take.
  4. I guess that the exploits necessary to install Meltdown/Spectre on a system are likely to be trapped by MBAE, especially via the web browser route. Is this a reasonable assumption?
  5. MBAE Beta continues to work faultlessly on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 (64-bit). It is now strutting its stuff on four XP systems.
  6. MBAE Beta

    Thank you Arthi. I have installed MBAE onto 2 Windows 7 (64-bit) systems and two Windows XP SP3 systems. The behaviour on Windows XP this version of MBAE is now free of the problems I had reported such as running .bat files. I have all installations working with all advanced settings enabled, including the Ret Rop gadget detections. There is not a murmur of protest from any applications, on my systems at least. I can only report that everything works as I would wish. I am glad that you guys are persevering with Windows XP. Thanks.
  7. MBAE Beta

    I have installed MBAE Beta on two Windows 7 (64bit) systems and it works fine. However, it seems that there is still a problem with Windows XP. This time, at least, it was possible to uninstall the new version and reinstall MBAE without having to do a System Restore. Like with MBAE, MBAE behaved OK for a short while before becoming troublesome.
  8. MBAE Beta

    I should add that I had no problem uninstalling MBAE and then reinstalling MBAE on the Windows XP system on which MBAE did NOT work properly. On the Windows XP system on which the uninstall of MBAE was a difficulty, I will take the precaution of trying the next MBAE Beta on a clone of my working system disk before deciding whether to install it on my actual working system disk.
  9. MBAE Beta

    DISAPPOINTMENT! The apparently successful Windows XP installation of MBAE went wrong after several hours of satisfactory use. I had to do a system restore to get MBAE back because installing a working MBAE was not possible after uninstalling MBAE I do not know if this also problem applies to installations of MBAE on Windows 7. I hope not.
  10. MBAE Beta

    CORRECTED IMPRESSIONS of MBAE Beta I have installed MBAE Beta on one Windows XP SP3 system and two Windows 7 (64bit) systems and have noticed nothing amiss on Windows 7 and one of my XP systems. I tried installing MBAE on my other XP system but it does not like MBAE and had to be reverted to MBAE With the working Windows XP/MBAE combination, protected applications now behave as they should and there seem to be no issues with running .bat files. This is the first version of MBAE Beta since MBAE which works as I would wish it to, on one system at least. In addition I have enabled EVERY advanced settings option without any complaint by my protected applications. I am not recommending users to do this but am simply observing that enabling all advanced settings causes me no problems on the systems on which MBAE actually works properly. As I said above, one XP system seems to consistently behave as it did with MBAE but the other worked OK for a short while only and then reverted to the behaviour I reported in an earlier post with MBAE The non-co-operating XP system runs a couple of protected applications after startup but something seems to then get switched off. If MBAE protection is stopped, then protected applications will run. Start MBAE protection again and the problem resumes. Windows Task Manager tells me that the protected applications actually start and then hang. The processes remain on the task list even when MBAE protection is stopped. The other XP system continues to work happily with MBAE so the developers of MBAE must have made some progress in overcoming the XP problems. I guess that users of XP might usefully try MBAE Beta for themselves but don't be surprised if MBAE does not work.
  11. MBAE Beta

    MBAE Beta works without problems with Windows 7 (64bit).
  12. MBAE Beta

    I am disappointed to say that the problem running MBAE Beta1.10.1.41 with Windows XP SP3 (reported by me and others) appears to persist with MBAE Beta
  13. MBAE Download Link

    MBAE works better than MBAE on Windows XP but something still is not right.
  14. Gloom! MBAE still causes trouble with all three of my Windows XP SP3 installations. The pushed update (version seemed to allow protected applications to run acceptably but .bat files misbehave, like the window opens but nothing happens and sometimes the system semi locks-up and switching off the power is necessary to restart. Seemingly a general problem with Windows XP, I think. It's back to MBAE and using the HOSTS file to block the URL of the source of pushed updates. No problems with Windows 7 (64bit) though, at least I haven't noticed any. Windows 8.1 is probably also OK. I know this because my wife's older sister hasn't been on the phone to complain.
  15. I have received a pushed update to MBAE Beta and the file size is the same as the installer for the problem version. So far MBAE Beta (reincarnated) seems to be working as I would wish it to and without the problems I previously reported.