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  1. I regret the passing of the version 3 GUI of MBAM. Clarity has been sacrificed in the name of aesthetics.
  2. I have read in the comments on this subject in Wilders Security forum on Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware that automatic updates will now occur with version 0.9 of the Beta. I just wondered if this is could be confirmed. Regarding the actual effectiveness of Anti-Ransomware Beta, I can only say that it behaves well. I have yet to experience any sign of ransomware activity and I guess that detection by Anti-Ransomware Beta would produce a visible response by it to the malware.
  3. MBARW refuses to be installed when MBAM4 Free is already installed. If it's a toss up between on-demand scanning and having MBARW running, I will take the latter choice. The subject of this topic was driven by a hope that I could use MBAM2 Free to do on-demand scans. I would like to do that if possible because a MBAM2 scan is better than no scan but still do not know if MBAM2 Free is capable of being run on Windows 10.
  4. Since I cannot run MBAM3/4 AND MBARW Beta together, I wanted to be able to use MBAM2 for on-demand scanning. MBAM2 is better than nothing. Unfortunately, although it commences the threat scan, it causes Windows 10 to spontaneously restart after the scan has been running for only a short time. I just want to know so that I can stop wasting my time with MBAM2 if it really is not likely tobe able to complete a threat scan. The thought occurs top me that the installation of MBAM4 could be in two phases and that part of the MBAM software which performs the function of the Premium product not be installed if the user opts only for the on-demand scan functions of the Free part of MBAM. Just a thought.
  5. Another little surprise: Because I thought that I was using a secure web page, I included the product key and ID. Yikes! I received an email with the text of my support request. I didn't expect that and there was no warning that submitted information would be sent back insecurely by email. As for the web browsers used, I had the same experience with Firefox and Google Chrome, both being latest versions.
  6. Job done. I had expanded the support request details edit box. As a result, the captcha and the Submit Ticket button disappeared beneath the blue area at the page bottom so when I scrolled the page down they were both invisible.
  7. I have tried doing this. The 'Create Ticket' button does not respond to clicking with the mouse.
  8. I have tried to do as instructed but the Malwarebytes support customer login is not yet available. It just says 'Coming soon.'
  9. I have a Lifetime MBAM Licence which never expires but have forgotten the associated email address. The licenced MBAM is registered but how can I identify the email address belonging to it?
  10. I liked the UI with MBAM3 but the MBAM4 version is less intuitive. It would never have occurred to me either to look at the detection history card to find the exclusions. The selection of the various scan modes is also well hidden. Avast has a penchant for changing its GUI at frequent intervals with the the general effect of user mystification and gnashing of teeth. I have often thought that if Avast could develop a swear box, it would make a lot of money.
  11. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and Avast Free 19.8.2393. I have now installed MBAM Premium 3.8.3 in addition. All Avast's four basic shields and all MBAM features are enabled. I had anticipated some performance hit by doing this but none is apparent. I am pondering over possible conflicts between MBAM and Avast but none seem to be present. What I am asking is whether or not there would be any impairment of the operational or security protection efficiency expected with either MBAM or Avast caused by using them in tandem. The processor is an Intel Core-I3 3220 3.3GHz and 8GB of RAM is installed.
  12. I never expected to see this. Bottom-Up ASLR protection is clearly worth having in Windows XP. MBAE is in active use. Mozilla Firefox 45.9 was running inside Sandboxie 3.76. The Firefox process was instantly terminated. interventions by MBAE are very rare on my Windows XP SP3 system or any other of my Windows systems for that matter. I am reassured that MBAE is prowling usefully in the backgound. Would it be fair to say that malware developers would not expect to encounter Bottom-up ASLR protection in this venerable operating system? I don't claim to have configured the most hardened XP system extant but the battlefield is littered with mines and booby traps. There are numerous layers of defence.
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