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  1. Windows 7 users should appreciate the ability of MBAE to enable bottom-up ASLR which, I understand, increases entropy for ASLR in Windows 7. Windows 8 and later seem to offer enhanced ASLR entropy in comparison with Windows 7. I am therefore wondering if the new protections for Google Chrome introduced in MBAE take care of this concern and also if or when some clues about the new protections will appear in the form of Advanced settings. I ponder during the sleepless small hours on what Advanced settings may be applied to Google Chrome without need for DLL injections by MBAE. Then I have a cup of excessively strong dark brown tea to satisfy my caffeine receptors and quickly fall asleep. Anyone else experience caffeine cold turkey?
  2. hake

    MBAE Experimental

    MBAE is working well. The performance dip in Google Chrome on my slow hardware was due to too many browser extensions which have been pruned down to the essential ones. I am now very satisfied and look forward to further developments. It would be nice to see evidence in the log that Google Chrome is being protected, even if the details are not yet available to the user.
  3. hake

    MBAE Experimental

    I am using MBAE and it actually seems to be on a par with MBAE Nothing remarkable of note to observe right now. It works and you can't say fairer than that.
  4. hake

    MBAE Experimental

    I have tried MBAE on Windows 7 (64bit) and find that it seems to have imposed a performance penalty with Google Chrome (latest 32bit version). Admittedly my hardware is 12 years old (Intel Pentium 4 twin core 3.2GHz processor) but using that slower hardware also emphasises the effects of performance hits. Reverting to MBAE restores performance to what was previously normal. Google Chrome has not yet given MBAE the sack. When that happens, I shall probably give Google Chrome the sack.
  5. hake

    MBAE Experimental

    @Arthi: Can you please confirm that your words "we have implemented an alternate approach to offer protection to Chrome and Edge users without DLL injection" mean that MBAE includes this?
  6. Protection is decribed as "New Updated Protection for Chrome and Edge Browsers ". I guess that this does not apply to chrome.exe of Google Chrome.
  7. If Google sweeps away the irritant of the third party anti-malware specialists and appoints its own personnel to be sole guards of its web browser, who will guard the guards? What pressures of expediency will in the future suppress due diligence among its own developers? This sort of change comes from higher up in a parent organisation. How will users know in future if Google Chrome is vulnerable to exploits when the alarm is silenced? If Google was infallible then it would not matter. The black hats must be rubbing their hands in glee.
  8. It appears that there is no obvious way to communicate user unhappiness to Google. Google seems to wish to bury its head in the sand. This is not good for Google or user.
  9. hake

    Dailymail get blocked, clickbait

    I get this too. https://www.dailymail.co.uk is not white-listed by Ghostery. An odd thing is that I receive this presumably false positive when browsing with Opera 56 but not with Google Chrome 69 (I am running MBAE Browser and content settings for each are as near the same as I can make them.
  10. It is certainly slow with my pathetically feeble Windows 7 (64bit) AMD Sempron 3000 powered HP Presario 😉but I am not in a rush.
  11. Thanks to Google's policy regarding anti-exploit software, I have installed Opera and like it very much. A great deal of careful thought by Opera is very evident. Opera provides an extension which facilitates installation of extensions (such as Malwarebytes) from the Google store.
  12. I am sticking with MBAE
  13. I am sticking with MBAE
  14. hake

    CryptoCoin mining exploits

    The brower extension certainly helps browsing performance. That it can prevent crypto mining is thought provoking because other crypto mining blockers do slow things down. The effect is especially noticeable on older hardware.

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