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  1. When I attempt to browse https://www.everydayhealth.com/gallbladder/gallbladder-polyps.aspx, I cannot dismiss the cookie notice. On disabling MalwareBytes Chrome extension, I can. I do not see a thread for reporting URLs of web pages which malfunction with MalwareBytes Chrome or Firefox Extensions. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  2. While the MalwareBytes Browser Extension is much to be preferred, Ghostery 5.4.10 does a very passable job of blocking much nuisance stuff.
  3. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are much livelier and more responsive than previously. MalwareBytes browser extensions seem to be win-win innovations. They do just what the authors claim that they can do. I use web browsers without the complications of associated applications so that might be why I have not had any problems to report.
  4. I want to record one disappointment which is that Firefox 45.9 ESR will not install MalwareBytes Browser Extension. I cannot run a compatible Firefox because the processor in my XP system will not execute the SSE2 instructions. Oh well, that's life I suppose. Fortunately MBAE does run on a pre SSE2 processor so I mustn't be greedy.
  5. It works beautifully. I don't need Ghostery now. It is excellent for the non-technical user for whom it is very suitable. If I find any snags I will report them but have not encountered any yet.
  6. I expect that it hasn't escaped the notice of the MalwareBytes techs that MS Office Excel is now JavaScript enabled.
  7. Thanks Pedro. I guess that it makes sense that if the delivery vehicle is signed then the package within is trustworthy. OSArmor took exception to the .tmp file not being signed. An exclusion rule was created to allow future instances to execute uninterrupted.
  8. I refer to Sampei Nihira's posts on this WildersSecurity comments page: - https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/novirusthanks-osarmor-an-additional-layer-of-defense.398859/page-65
  9. MBAE corrects a possible FP for blocked hollowed process in Office 97and also Publisher 2000 which occurred with MBAE Word 97 and then Publisher 2000 were pushing output to a printer when the assumed FP occurred.
  10. MBAE continues to work properly with Windows 7/Google Chrome and Windows XP batch files/cmd.exe.
  11. After several false dawns, MBAE has been installed and Google Chrome 65.0.3325.181 has been put through its paces without once triggering the issue. I made Google Chrome perform the procedures which seem to trigger the problem, especially changing the site isolation setting and then causing Google Chrome to relaunch. This particular procedure seemed to be especially effective at kicking the issue into life. The Google Chrome Strict Site Isolation feature is in full time use. I have noticed that Google Chrome seems no longer to start with a slight hesitation as was the case during the occurences of 'the issue'. This is obviously a subjective impression but to me it is just a little bit noticeable. The Windows XP batch/cmd.exe issue also seems to have been resolved on both affected systems. The MBAE advanced settings are once again all enabled, as is usual for me, except for the RET ROP Gadget detections.
  12. After several false dawns, MBAE has been installed and the Windows XP batch/cmd.exe issue has been resolved on both affected systems.
  13. I have installed MBAE and have not yet seen a repeat of the issues with Windows XP and the batch file/cmd issue or the Windows 7 and Google Chrome issue. This post was followed by disappointment because after becoming dormant for a short time following the installation of MBAE, the issue re-emerged.
  14. I reverted to a clone copy of the Windows 7 on the Intel Pentium 4 Prescott equipped system. This copy was taken on 4 November 2017 and so predates the Microsoft Meltdown fix. I made sure that Google Chrome was at version 65.0.3325.162 and other software was also up to date but with no additional Microsoft updates. MBAE had been updated automatically to version There was no issue with starting Google Chrome repeatedly. I then installed the Microsoft Security and Quality Rollup offered to me by Windows Update. On completing the installation and following the system restart I attempted to run Google Chrome and the issue was immediately apparent. This is clear evidence that the issue is triggered by the Windows security rollup which coincidentally includes the Meltdown fix.
  15. Change to initial message: - The problem with MBAE continues. BTW, this issue applies to both 32bit and 64bit versions of Google Chrome. To Tangerine, I would be happy to supply the MBAE installer if this does not contravene Malwarebytes forum rules. Could someone in authority say something about this.

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