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Avast is also free for home use with a free, pro and suite but you would have to pay for company use, i find avast is lighter with better detection rate than MSE and the free version also includes file, im, p2p, mail, script, web, network and behavioural shields with an auto sandbox, paid versions include on access sandbox, anti-spam and a firewall in the AIS suite.

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Won't disagree with the other stuff but lighter I don't find to be my experience.

I found that MSE sit's around 40 meg ram usage when system is idle where as avast sit's at 4 to 6 meg and raises to around 9 meg when browsing with several tabs open, there is also a huge difference in the memory used when running scan's as well plus the full scan speed with MSE for me was about 40 mins and only 7 mins with avast.

MSE is a decent AV but but it would only be a second choice for myself when compairing free AV's :)

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Just hoping - - -

As long as this will not turn into "My A/virus is better than your A/virus" It should be almost time to close it, as the OP has made a decision -

Chances they will post back if they have problems, but the basic question has been answered for now -

With 50 + versions out there and everybody with an opinion, as long as they use MBAM as backup, the thread can only degenerate from here in -

Only my opinion :) -

Agree with MT 16 as MSE is easy to install and takes care of itself, it suits many people not worried about a Meg or 2, so it becomes a moot point -

Time to close it ? ?

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