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SSUpdater.com Anti-Malware test


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2 things here

1. Any test that does not use samples from the last month ONLY is ONLY a test of how big your database is .

2. Which tool from that list is used in the most Hijackthis threads to fix problems .

we used 99.5% of the known malware from the last 4 years

So if you use your computer and a time machine together this is a very valid test , what a joke .

Let me translate what "99.5% of the known makware" means :

We stuck a massive pile of samples in a folder and scanned it .

A real test involves taking CURRENT malware and INSTALLING it .

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Those guys have bunch of keygens and cracks, they have topics for many security products amongst them for MBAM and they offer keygen serials and patch for products. They host their cracks/keygens at mediafire.com. I noticed this site couple of months ago after someone posted at avast forums about their "tests" .

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So, Mr. Bruce Harrison,

You came here and started Questioning/Bashing the Test Results.

Is it because, your "little toy" (i.e. Malwarebytes AntiMalware) performed that Low?

Sorry to see you had to go nosirrah, but you were warned and kept trying to cause problems.

Post what you want on other forums, but you have crossed the line here.

Good luck with your life.


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This is a quote from one of their administrators.
Third, Just because we list some links to some cracks, that does NOT make us a crack site and does NOT discredit our Anti-Malware Testing Methods or results.

Is that funny or what?

That cracks me up. :)
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Everyone knows "the ones that we want to know at least" now that they are a sham and cant be trusted so let them continue in their irrelevant drivvle .

They also know that multiple legal teams form many antimalware vendors are looking over the info on their site and for all I know there could be other vendors in the process of executing new take down requests .

Either way the truth got out and they got a taste of what happems when you pull what they did .

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They really aren't bright enough to get it IMO.

QUOTED by ank

post Yesterday, 01:22 PM

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SSU once you guys start posting your test all over the internet, your test and your site is going to be looked at more closely. How's someone who has never heard of you going to judge if your Test is legitimate. If the Test is valid test performed in a consistent matter.

Saying things like "questionable result from AV Comparatives" or calling some software "crapware". You should let the test speak for itself. Statements like that reflect badly on the test. It also brings into question your claim of independent testing.

Supplying links to Cracks or whatever, to help members is wrong. It's stealing software. A legitimate site, that also does independent testing should have no part in this. There is plenty of good free security software available to your members who cannot afford it. Imagine if you would, what would happen if most users did this . Kaspersky, Norton, Eset, and all the major AV companies would be in deep trouble. They would have a lot less income coming in.When new malware hits the Internet instead of one hour, it might be weeks before a new definition would be added to your AV.

Software Security companies need their incomes. They are fighting a War. You guys at SSU know how much new malware comes out every week. You are not helping by having anything to do with Cracks. Many of the Software companies have free AV, free online scanners, and free removal tools to help users. As a Security site I think you should do your part in this fight.

Do I question your Tests. Yes I do, for the reasons I've just mention. This brings into question your Credibility and honesty. It would not take much for you to prove your worth as a security site with just a few changes. Personality I would like to have aother good independent site that helps with this huge malware problem that we are all fighting.

Do you question our test??!!!...




Lets see.....how does that make a difference again?

Those major AV companies should just reduce their prices if they are so worried about running out of customers. Norton is way too expensive like kaspersky and avira!

Tell them to reduce prices or else the war betweem warez and geniune will never end. And, Less 'genuine' customers of a security company doesn't make their response time to malware less... People using cracks can also send their files to the companies' labs....

Anyway, our bottom line is, dont come on SSupdater.com and make such comments, stick to your dumb wilders security. OH By the way, did your daddy mr.Marcin send you here?...

Bold mine. Marcin? Your a daddy? :)
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It's kinda sad, they have a following of people who are just as clueless as they are. If they were so into security and testing etc. The would know who they were dealing with and that what they say does have credibility beyond being a member at Wilders. LOL It's just sad. If ignorance is bliss they are a happy bunch.

me/waves at the new daddy. :)

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