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  1. Hey Jean, how are you? It's been long since we've last chatted, do you still remember me? :) I'm now back from my A levels and doing a refresher training at Geekstogo, once I finish that, I'll come back here to help as I've promised. (hope it won't take long!) I've missed you guys!

  2. If you have paid for WP then by all means run it at startup. That is how it does the best protection, it is what it is designed to do. SpywareBlaster is a great program and doesn't do anything WP does and vice versa. Keep it and WP both on the job, a hosts file and the immunization of the sites in Spybot Search & Destroy are not a bad idea either and a program like SiteHound or SiteAdvisor. No your not overprotecting.
  3. WinPatrol is too real time. It has real time options for IE changes and for the Hosts file. Screen shot attached. @ maiki Both are good, but TeaTimer is a bit harder for someone who might not know what is good and what is bad to allow to run. WinPatrol gives the option to look up the stuff Scotty barks at in the data base and see what it is. WinPatrol is designed to do only this. TeaTimer is part of a great removal program and a secondary part of that program, it can interfere with other good tools too often if the user doesn't know what to allow. In the HJT forum we ask it is turned of
  4. Yes you need more than just two programs. As stated above a layered approach to protection is essential. All recommended programs are free and easy on system resources. You should install them as part of your protection arsenal. A firewall and antivirus are also essential. The Windows firewall in XP and Vista is not sufficient. Preform Windows Updates monthly on the second Tuesday or use automatic updates, and use your scanners weekly at the least. Always update before you scan. Keep other software known for vulnerabilities updated also. Use the Secunia Inspector free scan to identif
  5. Hi and welcome!! Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Whooo Mac. Great to see you here!!

  7. Be sure to introduce yourself Jason. In the General Chat. Let everyone know your here.

    Let me know if I can help with anything.

  8. Welcome to Malwarebytes!!

  9. Hi John, try to behave yourself here and don't embarrass me! LOL

  10. Welcome to MalwareBytes.

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