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mozilla thunderbird.

mbam daz.

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could anybody tell me anything about mozilla thunderbird please.

i dont know a lot about this program but it is some form of e-mail client service.

im considering using it but im not sure exactly what it is and what it does.

many thanks.

bye for now.

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thunderbird is a very good email client with two strong points right out of the gate :

(1) it is free/open source

(2) it is viri/mal/scumware free

this is more than can be said for a lot of other email clients out there .

one that comes to mind ... but i really should not mention any names ...

let's just say that it would be an "incredible mail" client if it were clean . :)

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thanks for the replies.

ive heard conflicting reports about the ram usage of thunderbird and that concerns me.

i really like the look of the product and im itching to download and install.

im a firefox user and i like mozilla products.

i say its the ram usage thats putting me off or is this just a myth?

thanks again.

bye. :)

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so , how much ram is in the system you want to install it on ?

how much free ram do you have after everything loads up ?

you can free up ram/speed up things by turning off unneeded start-up programs that run in the background .

dl and install it , check as to how much ram it uses ... you can always uninstall it .

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