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My second computer was working fine until I restarted. Now I get a screen saying "Diskette 0 seek failure". I checked the bios and tried changing the boot order(some reason it was set to removable first on reboot) and some reason its listing floppy drive(don't have one)as the DVD RW/R drive. I also opened it up and checked the cords and all. Yesterday I had an issue with the dvd drive not opening, but found the cord was not in all the way. As far as I know the cords are in the right area and extras are not in use(P4 is not plugged into something and leaving P3 out).

Anyone have any ideas? This is a Dell 530D tower with 2GB of ram, 250GB HDD and Ubuntu Desktop Edition with an Intel Dual-core..:blink:

Edit: Topic should be labeled "Boot Issue". If someone could change it that would great. Thanks.:)

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Okay, it seemed that FDC(Floppy Disk Controller)was enabled for some reason? I guess I'm not overly familiar with the bios on this computer.:) Took a few tries and figuring out that you have to F10(Save)after exiting each feature. Working fine now.:) Thanks.:)

P.S. Like your new avatar.:)

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Apologize for not responding. Didn't see your post. Just popped out of nowhere just now. :P I'll have to look more into that link. My computer is running pretty normal aside from the dvd drive not showing on the boot menu. ;) I think the bios is still somewhat screwed up, but not sure how or why this happened. Will take a look and see if an update exists on Dell.;)

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