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Windows XP32 unable to update MSE or Windows


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Make sure these services are not disabled

( use MSCONFIG to review or run SERVICES.MSC):

Background Intelligent Transfer Service(BITS)

Cryptographic Services

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

System Restore Service

From main Windows Start menu, select RUN, type in

& press <Enter-key>

type into the Command prompt window

net stop wuauserv
press <Enter-key>

Go to Windows Explorer ( or My Computer on Desktop).

Look on your system drive (usually C ) and look at the Windows folder name. Like Windows or WINNT.

Modify following as appropriate.

If your Windows folder is C:\Windows. Look at this folder


If you find files in there, delete them. That folder is where files are stored from Windows Update downloads.

Go back to Command prompt window.

type in

net start wuauserv
& press <Enter-key>

Type into the command prompt

and press <Enter-key>

Now try again a visit to Windows Updates.

If still the same issue, then:

Post an *extract* from the Windows Updates log, but only for the very last failed session(s).

Around 30 to 40 lines from very bottom of the log will suffice.

Use Notepad or Wordpad and open & look at the Windows Update log file

C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log or C:\WINNT\WindowsUpdate.log

Scroll down all the way. Get / copy / paste into a reply the set of lines for (today's ) the last session.

And tell me How long this issue has been around?

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I know the two of you made extra effort to help me and I am grateful. I am working on this laptop computer for a friend. I ordered and received recovery CDs for this laptop and have since used them to reformat and reinstall the OS. I did this before receiving your assistance. Things are working well now. I feel a bit bad about the work you put into trying to help me. I should have waited a few more hours before proceeding with using the recovery process. I will be back one of these days because I can tell this is a great forum.

Thanks so much,


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