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Malwarebytes mobile security

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Hey there,

I was surfing the net with my phone again and something popped up in my mind: What if I get a malware to my mobile that is unprotected? It would hijack it and make my life a living hell!

In these days mobile phones are developed to be more and more computer-like and that brings many nice possibilities to the bad guys at the other end of the internet. Every day they work hard to invent new threats to these little boxes that we carry everywhere and some of our social life depends on them. And what do the antimalware developers do; they just focus on computers that we don't even use half as much as mobile phones.

So is it possible that Malwarebytes would be one of those lucky companies that realise the amount of money waiting in phone-protecting indrusty? We regular people don't need any fancy thing, we need real peace of mind! I want to keep my mobile safe!

So please, tell me if you're up to making a mobile edition of your program some day, I'd be glad to purchase it and probably many others because soon there will be nothing but these modern day mobiles :huh:) -> money, money, money

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I doubt this will happen. Mobile device OS's are completely different then pc's and mac. Often they are unique to the company that produces the device such as Access(formally known as Palm) and are very difficult to maintain on large scales for many companies. Malwarebytes' would need a completely different division to handle this. So almost surely no.

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I agree with Buttons, and I'll also say that given that the actual number of infections for mobile devices isn't nearly as vast as it is for PC's, there's really no need for a secondary tool like MBAM for them. I would recommend using a mobile AV like Kaspersky etc as that should be enough to cover all of the threats to those particular devices.

At the moment, the same goes for Macs in my opinion in case anyone was wondering (although that's a bit off topic).

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