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  1. I'll make it short. Suggestions: Auto-detection of online shops and bank sites; once you go shopping/banking, you don't have to enable any extra security. MBAE detects the site you're opining and takes actions like sandboxing, disabling addons etc. for more secure experienceA plugin button in the browser itself to enable some kind of "turbo mode" with enhanced security with one clickIntegration with MBAM to automaticly check sites an user is visiting in order to upload malware and site data for analysing. Of course it should be opt-in. That way your databases would update all the time and pr
  2. The language pack had a unneeded empty line after the #217 translation which is "Lataa:". It causes the problem. Downloading the language pack from RubberDuckys post and extracting it to the "Languages" folder should fix the problem till they will include it in an update. Remember to restart MBam after to finish the change. Sorry for that ~Fs
  3. I have defragged it like 5 times in the past month. And run Defraggler disk check and Live OneCare disk check. I do have Radeon 9800XT and just cleaned the inside and fans from dust when I changed the other RAM to a betterone. I don't know if all the fans are working, SpeedFan doesn't show them al...
  4. And one more thing... Is Graphics card temperature on 80 Celsius safe?
  5. But sometimes after start-up ATI Monitor sends reports that Graphics Accelerator doesn't response to orders or something like that and it has been reseted. Right before receiving that message, my screen goes blank and then returns normal.
  6. Well, this is quite old system(bought in 2004 I think...) Luckily my PC haven't freezed after removing them and rebooting(well, it froze soon after deleting those auto-runs, so that was my "boot"). There's just a good way to handle those freezes: When you start your PC, after loading your profile let the computer be alone for like 10-20 minutes. After that it rarely freezes. I'll report back after few more start-ups...
  7. I just installed PC Tools Firewall and Peer Block so they shouldn't be the reason. I was wondering if Mbam could cause it because SYSTEM Service Mbamservice.exe hogs a lot of CPU usage(10-50%) for some time after start-up, then stabilizes. The freezes are sometimes related to uTorrent and starting up my external hard drive(which also take a lot of CPU). So could it be because of CPU can't handle the processes, which require a lot of resources, at the same time? Deleting those Autoruns...
  8. Here's the AutoRuns log as .rar if it's OK The Progs.bat didn't create a log file AutoRuns.rar
  9. I'm not sure about Vistas functions but check if you have unchecked any boxes in "Services"-tab or "Startup"-tab. At least on XP it causes my computer to choose "Selective start"
  10. I agree. And can't wait to get my hands on the Shuriken tomorrow
  11. So could you give us info about your PC and other security softwares. Have you tried to re-install Mbam?
  12. Thanks for the help, I'll send further info and Autoruns log tomorrow
  13. Well, better not to remove any of those. But I recommend to use CCleaner or any other temp cleaner program to clean the temp files folder.
  14. The files in Applications Data and Local Settings may be removed. Do not remove any other(system files)! The go to the "HiJack This Logs - Malware removal" and post a new topic there to receive assistance from the experts Ps. I'd recommend to update to the WinXP Service Pack 3 for better level of security.
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