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  1. Just look at my signature =) (It's a pain in the *** to update MSE via Windows Update. Wuauserv tends to bloat everything until the update is finished.) (And using standalone updater -mpam-fe.exe- means TOO much to download just for the sake of an incremental update + a restore point. )
  2. What's the difference between an Admin-group account and the built-in Administrator account in Vista?
  3. Just telling: it's "hola" with "h" Comodo AV? Hell not xD, only the Firewall and Defense+ are running alongside avast!. And about AV conflicting, I saw it with my very own eyes - avast! and MSE do not play well together. MSE swallows up all RAM available, and its minifilter drivers seem to conflict with the OS (frequent lock-ups) and CIS (running applications list gets screwed up). EDIT: Did I say "OS"? Oh, maybe not, it might be avast! and CIS kernel hooks :S. Also edited my signature, the product's real name is "Comodo Firewall Pro", not CIS itself. (CIS is firewall + Defense+ + AV)
  4. MSE is pretty good, since it detects a lot of samples that avast! misses. As for Avast.eu, I think it may be Avira's revenge for Alwil having registered antivir.cz
  5. I really hope you're NOT running avast!5 and MSE at the same time. It's a damn bad idea. (Tried myself, ended up with a freezing-every-second computer and a broken Windows Defender.) As for Buttons' advice, I'd keep MSE only if you're sure you won't need avast!'s Web Shield, Network Shield or E-mail Shield. (I don't trust MSE for these aspects of my computer )
  6. Hi there MysteryFCM, I wanted to check if the site named above was indeed a FP or something is wrong with the IP range. The site belongs to a FM radio station from my hometown. Cheers!
  7. Hey Marcin, the subscription e-mail was flagged as spam Should I send you the headers or something?
  8. I'd really love to see MBAM for mobile phones, there are not many AVs for these =) (But is it me or devs will surely get crazy about porting MBAM to a tiny platform like e.g. Symbian?)
  9. Are you sure you didn't have all your Internet explorer's communications routed via avast!'s Web Shield? If so, there's the reason for it
  10. Signed up too. I really hope that the betas will not conflict with all my existing security software (see below =) Btw, I'd really love a brand new UI for MBAM
  11. https://www.virustotal.com/es/analisis/2fdf...b677-1261249715 Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.42 Versi
  12. Hi there, Today I got a MBAM IP protection popup when I tried to access the site utorrent.com (a P2P application). According to hpHosts, a whole bunch of utorrent.com domains are EMD (engaged in malware distribution). I was wondering if this has anything to do with the Ask toolbar bundled with the software Thanks in advance! P/S: If so, why is also the forum blocked?
  13. Whoops. It was fixed indeed, as of 3355. I'm going to have a little chat with taskschd.msc in a few minutes P/S: The topic reply notifications are not being sent, could you please check that?
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