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Malwarebytes 5 - "Your Connection is Public" - Misleading?

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I just manually updated my MBP4 to MBP5 an hour ago. I have previously posted in the Malwarebytes 5 topic here that I dislike the VPN notice on the main GUI not being dismissable.

When my alternate purchased VPN product is turned on, the message remains that my connection is PUBLIC. Moreover, the IP address does not change to the VPN IP.

I understand that this is likely a marketing tactic, but is that notice not misleading to users who have and are using alternate VPN solutions?  Should it just state that your connection is not secured by Malwarebytes VPN?

I don't want to cause a big stir, please, but a polite discussion and explanation would be welcome.  Perhaps, the wording could be improved . . .

Thank you, and have a great day.


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  • Root Admin

Thank you for the feedback @garioch7

We are in discussions about adding methods to hide that feature. I don't have much else for public information at this time though other than to say, yes, we hear you and want to try to assist but it may be a while.



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  • Root Admin

You're not stuck. You can easily uninstall MB5 and run MB4 as you've been running for years now.

If you'd like help with that, please let me know. Otherwise, as said - we are working on updates.

Thank you for your patience


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