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  1. Hi everyone, After installing MLWB Pirivacy VPN my mobile hotspot on Windows 10 does not work when VPN is turned on. Does anybody else see the same problem? Thank you.
  2. PJRae

    VPN use

    I just signed on to try the new VPN program and all of a sudden I'm locked out of a site that I'm on several times each day. What do I do?
  3. It will leak your actual IP address: Test:
  4. Hi everyone, I have just upgraded my Malwarebytes subscription to include the VPN software. Could you please advise me why my IP is not hidden, for example when I run an internet speed test? However it remains hidden while checking it in the browser - see below. Am I missing something?
  5. Hey Everyone, I recently came across "Malwarebytes Privacy" which offers a secure VPN connection with no logging which is great!! Also, I read that it changes the public/private keys periodically for increased security on the internet. I wanted to know how often do these keys change? Is it for every session or is there a fixed time period, like a week or a month? Thanks!!
  6. Is the Malwarebytes Privacy/VPN Infrastructure dedicated to Malwarebytes or did you partner with another VPN provider?
  7. Are they charging an extra $59.99 a year for this VPN on top of what I'm already paying for the anti-virus program itself? If so, then the price needs to be dropped considerably because that would be awfully expensive. A free trial would help as well.
  8. Hello. My machine was working fine using until I installed Malwarebytes. After I installed your software I noticed my machine slowing down system wide and internet connection would slow significantly or completely stop for a couple minutes. I took a look at my console and it was reporting a steady kernel error "compat_ifmu_ulist: en4 copyin() error 14". After digging troubleshooting a while I found the error source was something between PIA and Malwarebytes. I looked for a way to exclude specific software from Malwarebytes but there doesn't seem to be a way of doing this on a Mac. On wind
  9. Hi, I was having a fairly dandy time with Private Internet Access as my VPN of choice but having installed Malwarebytes I can no longer access the servers and route my traffic. I've already contacted PIA's helpdesk and they recommended I post here, given it worked before I installed MWB. I would really like to actually *buy* MWB3 but unless it can run alongside my VPN that I already have a paid subscription for that's not really going to happen. I've already done the obvious thing and added exclusions for every application inside the PIA folder -- and I've already tr
  10. As there are many threats on the internet like malware and trojan which can be tackled by Antivirus and firewall, but There are many more threats came up on the internet like Ransomware attacks D-Dos Attacks, and phishing attacks. Which Antivirus cannot tackle also there are thousands of websites and programs and even the Internet services providers are tracking the online data. So I have heard that we can tackle these things with a Virtual Private network. That's why I have decided to start using a VPN, and have searched a little bit about them, and find out that they are quite expensive, but
  11. I re-installed MBAM about 6 days ago and I started noticing that upon trying to connect to my VPN provider the machine would intermittently freeze and take over a minute to connect to my VPN. I thought it was the VPN and did a repair on it and everything seemed fine for a day or so before I starting having the issue again. I disabled the web filter and that did not revolve the issue, but I threw up process hacker and tried to connect again and noticed that MBAMService.exe throttled up the CPU to 30 % or so and stayed up there until it connected. During that process the desktop locked up a
  12. Is it ok to ask the opinions of some of the more experienced security guys here on the usefulness of a VPN service? I have been seeing a lot of ads for them on many of my favorite tech you tubers channels, I am more looking for actual experience with and real world benefits not from an advertisement. Also if anyone does use one or has done the research and subscribed to one are there any recommended ones? Preferably easy to use and configure. If this is not OK or against forum rules please feel free to lock or remove this. Thanks Dave
  13. Hello all, I am trialing a VPN solution for my workplace. We are using the in built CISCO Meraki VPN Client Server to setup and maintain the VPN. The main goal of the VPN is to allow sales and technical staff access to network mapped resources back at HQ, and to allow the technicians to remotely enter customers sites. We setup all sites so that only our HQ IP address can access them remotely for security purposes. One of the key requirements of this VPN is to have FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) resolve correctly both onsite and offsite of HQ. Onto the issue at hand.
  14. Is it normal behavior for the Malwarebytes VPN to stay on for 9 to 10 seconds and shut off for a second and repeat this process while I’m not connected to the internet using my browser? You can watch this take place in setting.
  15. Hi, I installed Malwarebyte 3.4.5 Premium, all work witout problem until I connect with VPN (ex. my office's vpn). After I enabled vpn connection after some time, my system stop dns name resolution; not all domains and every time blocked sites are different. (Ex. some time google.com, some time other sites) VPN is a PPTP VPN and I connect using Windows 10 with windows build-in client. Just for example : Before VPN connection: C: \ Users \ fabia> nslookup flapsystem.monday.com Server: afdcprd001.af-group.private Address: 172.2
  16. Hi there any update on this issue its just caused us a HUGE amount of wasted time and troubleshooting with our VPN provider Sonicwall. even involving Microsoft.. finally narrowed it down to Malwarebytes. Whats the status on a fix for this? We are also sitting on a purchase PO of the product this is the 2nd issue we have had in our trial of it and not feeling good about deploying this to our enterprise without a clear path to a fix. Why also is this not more widely advertised as a bug with contact made to your clients of an issue?
  17. Could we ever expect to see a VPN service from MalwareBytes as an included or seperate service? Yes, there are hundreds of VPN services out there already but a lot of those are by companies that a lot of us may have never heard of. When someone wants to use a VPN, they're expecting to use it for their privacy and the companies that run a lot of VPNs, as I already said, pretty much aren't reputable. I'm sure their users wonder if the service provider is stealing or logging their information without their knowledge and possibly making a profit by selling that information. I'd think seeing a VPN
  18. I am using Malwarebytes Premium 3.3.1 on Windows 10. When I use VPN (Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.4.03034), I find Malwarebytes is blocking DNS query once VPN tunnel is establised. Ping to DNS server works. But nslookup fails (timeout). No applications can access internet except the ones allows me to use ip address instead of domain name, such as ssh or RDC. Windows reports no internet access. If I disable Web Protection, then DNS traffic is unblocked. Instead of disabling Web Protection, is there any other way to solve this? Adding vpn client to exclusion list doesn't help.
  19. What is the best VPN? What VPN do you use? Do you even use a VPN? I am looking for a VPN to keep me safe of a public wifi network like Starbucks or something. Any suggestions?
  20. I upgraded to MalwareBytes 3 recently and found that when I connected to my SSTP VPN, I cannot browse the Internet. When I disable the Web Protection, I appear to be able to browse the Internet; however, I get an error on MalwareBytes that states that it cannot reach the licensing server. So far, if I leave the Web Protection enabled, I don't have a licensing error; however, I cannot browse to any websites. The only thing that works for me at the moment is to exit MalwareBytes completely, then I can browse through my VPN as normal. I have isolated it to MalwareBytes -- any help here?
  21. HI , using Malwarebytes 3 premium , windows 10 , when using expressvpn , only recently its been fine the last few months , it will not connect to server , switch expressvpn off , click update it updates fine , switch vpn back on and it won,t connect ?? , is this normal ?? , its been working fine for at least a few months ... thanks Roy
  22. Hi; I'm using malwarebytes Today i trying to connect to the VPN server under L2TP/IPSEC Connection(With presharedkey), everything is ok for about 1 hours, but then suddenly i got 'DNS Problem', it's mean i can't resolve any domain. i'm using L2TP VPN Protocol provided by windows10. In PPTP Connection it's ok, but when i using L2TP, i must disable 'web protection' to permit to the DNS traffic. so, its seems that problem caused by 'web protection' module.
  23. Hi all, First time user on here so I hope I have posted in the right place. I recently downloaded the MBAM trial and am evaluating the pro version for 14 days before buying. I have to use a VPN when doing some assignments at my university. This is done by using the Big-IP Edge Client (F5). My problem is when MBAM is running it will not give me internet access as it is clearly blocking a process from being used. I added the client's folder from program files to exlcusion but that has not worked. My knowledge on excluding items is not that great so I could really do with
  24. MBAM is blocking my VPN,Private Internet Access. Is there a way to create an exception for this program? Thanks
  25. Hello, Have an issue with AirVPN I'm using and it happens with malwarebytes 3.06 only. Without MWB 3.06 the latency problems are gone. When I have all options checked in malwarebytes I have latency problems (vpn.c.png): When I disable 'web protection' in malwarebytes the latency is gone (vpn.b.png). kind regards, KatZund -----------------
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