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Wi-Fi 7


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Austin, Texas, — January 8, 2024 – Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 is here, introducing powerful new features that boost Wi-Fi® performance and improve connectivity across a variety of environments. Cutting-edge capabilities in Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 enable innovations that rely on high throughput, deterministic latency, and greater reliability for critical traffic. New use cases – including multi-user AR/VR/XR, immersive 3-D training, electronic gaming, hybrid work, industrial IoT, and automotive – will advance as a result of the latest Wi-Fi generation. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 represents the culmination of extensive collaboration and innovation within the Wi-Fi Alliance®, facilitating worldwide product interoperability and a robust, sophisticated device ecosystem.



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Wi-Fi 7

Based on the developing IEEE 802.11be standard, Wi-Fi 7 will be the next major generational Wi-Fi technology evolution. Wi-Fi 7 focuses on physical (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) improvements capable of supporting a maximum throughput of at least 30 Gbps to increase performance, enable Wi-Fi innovations, and expand use cases. Additional Wi-Fi 7 enhancements will support reduced latency and jitter for time sensitive networking applications including AR/VR, 4K and 8K video streaming, automotive, cloud computing, gaming and video applications, as well as mission critical and industrial applications. As with other Wi-Fi generations, Wi-Fi 7 will be backward compatible and coexist with legacy devices in the 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz spectrum bands.


Wi-Fi_CERTIFIED_7_Feature_Spotlight_Triggered_Uplink_Access.jpgWi-Fi_CERTIFIED_7_Feature_Spotlight_Multiple_RUs_Single_STA.jpgWi-Fi_CERTIFIED_7_Feature_Spotlight_Multi-link_Operation.jpgWi-Fi_CERTIFIED_7_Feature_Spotlight_Emergency_Preparedness_Communication_Services.jpgWi-Fi_CERTIFIED_7_Feature_Spotlight_512_Compresssed_Block_Ack.jpgWi-Fi_CERTIFIED_7_Feature_Spotlight_320_MHz_Channels.jpgWi-Fi_CERTIFIED_7_Feature_Spotlight_4K_QAM.jpgWi-Fi_CERTIFIED_7_ Key_Features.jpgWi-Fi_CERTIFIED_7_ Features_and_Benefits.jpg

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