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It's time for my annual renewal of Malwarebytes 5 client subscription.

I tried to edit my payment method since the card on file from 2 years ago is no longer valid.

No option to "edit" payment method.  Their help site screenshots show an edit button. I do not have that option.

Thought maybe I should cancel the auto renewal and it would let me edit the payment method.  Trying to cancel the auto renewal gave an error message "Request failed: We could not turn your auto-renewal off, for further assistance please contact support."

  • Why no options to change my subcription if needed. What if I need more seats?
  • Why no options to update payment methods?
  • Why no option to turn off auto-renewal?
Contacting support:

Got a response from an agent providing me a direct link to "manually" renew my subscription.  Clicking the link takes me to a page with no options except to pay for a "2 year" subscription and what appears to be me signing up a new account.

Why can I not just edit my fricking payment method online and be on my way.   If this doesn't get resolved by the Malwareybtes staff by the time my annual subscription expires, then I will not be renewing since they are the ones preventing me from renewing my subscription on my account.  When the payment method declines for renewal, which it ultimately will, I will not be liable for renewing or paying for any further subscription.  I have praised Malwarebytes for as long as they have existed to everybody I know, but it might be time to find another security software from another company.

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22 minutes ago, Diggity said:

I tried to edit my payment method since

Don't want to sound like the response from support but, check out this https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038522934-Manage-your-payment-information-in-My-Account

When you log into your Account, you should have an option to chat live with someone

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