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RTProtectionDaemon crashing on Mac with Ventura operating sytem.

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I have a suspected problem. RTProtectionDaemon crashing seems to be causing my Mac to frequently kernel panic, which crashes my Mac to the kernel panic screen; most consider it the equivalent of Window's blue screen of death. Googling it, I came across an older topic that shows it happened; in the past with a lower version. I wanted to avoid necro the old topic since it was from 2020: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/264602-rtprotectiondaemon-crashing/. The only difference is that my Mac is on IOS: Ventura 13.3.1 (a), and the version I was using, is Malwarebytes Mac 
For the item to lessen the kernel panic annoyance, I uninstalled Malwarebytes until I could figure out what was causing it. Doing that has calmed the computer's frequent kernel panic episodes. I want to reinstall it without causing those kernel panic episodes, as it was annoying and sometime would happen at the worst time.

I tried to do this via a support ticket due to what could be deemed sensitive information in the console file. However, Customer support refused to look at my ticket since I used the free version; it seems to be able to use support tickets the paid version is required.

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When you say that kernel panics have "calmed" do you mean eliminated or just reduced. If you are still eexperiencing kernel panics with Malwarebytes for Mac completely uninstalled, that needs to be fixed first before the RTProtectionDaemon issue can be addressed.

If you have the results of running the Malwarebyets Support Tool for Mac already, submit it by DM to @treed head of the Mac Staff for his analysis in the next week or so.

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If you are actually having true kernel panics - where the machine crashes with a message in multiple languages - then it's not caused by Malwarebytes. On macOS Ventura, the version of Malwarebytes you're running doesn't actually have any kernel-level code, so it's not capable of causing the kernel to panic. This is not true of older versions of macOS, where real-time protection requires installation of a kernel extension, but this has not been needed since macOS 10.15 (Catalina).

Most likely causes of a kernel panic on a newer version of macOS, where third-party kernel extensions are unlikely to be in use, are corruption of the system, faulty hardware, or a bug in the system. It's possible that some third-party software could do things that are more or less likely to run into the issue causing the problem, but the root cause would not be that software.

I'd recommend contacting Apple support, and they will be able to look at your panic logs and get some idea of what needs to be done with your machine.

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I can confirm the same issue.

Every time (sistematically) my mac goes to sleep, I get a kernel panic pointing to 

Panicked task 0xfffffe24da996bd8: 18681 pages, 9 threads: pid 561: RTProtectionDaem

Had to uninstall MalwareBytes for Mac Premium

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