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Macrium Backup Destination


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I'm working from BACKUP SOFTWARE post ID ID:751325 with Macrium Reflect software. I'm on a 30 day trial after which the price is $69. My questions are specific to the best destination folder or drive.

The YouTube video provided from Frimley computing advises a making a new folder on the Local C drive. A similar offering by Leo Notenboom of Ask Leo not provided in this post, advises to default the destination to the E:\ drive.

If I save a backup from Macrium to the Local C destination, that means the backup is on a system which contains the original files. Although I have plenty of room, shouldn't backups be separate from the original files?

If I save a backup from Macrium to my E drive which is a almost full WD Passport, what are the consequences to the data already on there from Backup and Restore? Will it overwrite or add Macrium files? In the future, if I continue to use and pay for Macrium should those prior files from Windows be wiped somehow?

Thanks for your patience.

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I would recommend that you backup to an external USB drive. Then once the backup is completed safely disconnect it until it's time to do another backup.

Leaving the drive connected could potentially place the backup at risk if the main computer were to get infected by ransomware.

Example only. I use a 5TB myself but I have a lot of data and most home users don't have that much data.




Macrium Reflect discussion



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First Macrium backup notes:

1. If space is needed on backup destination, there is a warning from Macrium in red letters

2. The destination can't be the same as the source, or no sneaking a file into Local Disk C

3. There is no overwriting, instead  all backups are saved by time period on the external drive.

4. Deleting 8-9 years of untouched backups freed enough space for a complete image from Macrium.

5. Their claims for time saving are totally TRUE. Saved 2 and a half hours using their software. IMO worth the purchase price.

6. Trouble at the last minute on the verification stage, message that external drive needed to be formatted, much like days of before using a hard disk or any kind. Was not able to complete the task.

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I do full image backups from Macrium onto a 1TB external drive which is only connected for the backups.
I also do manual (copy/paste) data only backups to a network connected drive.

In the Macrium backup settings you can set how many backups you want to keep.
Say you set it to 10 then it will do 10 to start with, and then when you do the next one it will delete the oldest so you still have 10 backups.
How many you want to keep is up to you - that will depend on how often you backup, how much room each backup takes, how big the backup drive is, etc.
As you can see here I keep 12 (weekly) backups:

You can also set it so that if there is less than a certain amount of space left on the backup drive Macrium will delete the odest backup(s) to make enough room for the new one. (I havent bothered changing that, there plenty of room on my backup drive)

There are lots of ways you can set Macrium to do different kinds of backups depending on just what you want/need.
Usually though you only use the options you want/need, and once you have it set how you want then it soon becomes routine.

PS. I'm using Macrium Free which is all I need for what I do with it.

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Personally, I think Macrium Reflect is worth purchasing. You can probably get the free version still from places like MajorGeeks or similar if wanted, but soon those too will probably go away.
Best to have some that does work for you. Veeam is still free and quite capable for home or business, just have to create an account to get the link to download


Backup Software


Data Backup Software


  • Macrium Reflect Free - Probably the best ( Feb 2023 NO LONGER FREE) version for the average home user.  The product is no longer free but is still an excellent program

How to Create a Full-Disk Backup of Your PC with Macrium Reflect

How to create a full backup of Windows 10 using Macrium Reflect

Cloning a disk using Macrium Reflect 8


Configuring a backup with Macrium Reflect 8


Macrium Drive Image and Restore



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@nukecad I didn't see this until now because I was mucking around setting up a wireless printer. After 3 tries at backup, I was successful and I have configured as you have shown. It's helpful to read actual user experiences rather than watching videos or looking at their manual. Practice will make perfect. 

@AdvancedSetup totally agree with you, it's worth the purchase. The dashboard is clean looking and once I understood the process, "restores confidence." I never give up after a couple attempts, but keep going, usually the following day. Your posts are claiming space in a 3 ring binder. 

Just so you both know, I never keep my backup connected except when in use. 😉

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I knew that Macrium 8 Free was being officially 'retired' and there were no plans to have a free version available of Macrium 9.

If you already have Macrium 8 Free then it will continue to work, but it won't get any more updates except for security patches which will also end on 1st January 2024.
It will continue to work after that too, just no updates.

So whilst you will probably still be able to get if from download websites it will not be supported or patched.
I would also imagine that you can't now licence a downloaded Free version with Macrium anyway, which may prevent you from installing it?
(I can't remember just how the install goes and if registering is mandatory?).





Macrium Reflect Free Product - End Of Life (EOL)

Macrium Reflect Free v8.0 is the last version to receive feature, compatibility or bug fix updates.

Will future security vulnerabilities be fixed?

Yes, security patches will still be provided until 1st January 2024. After that date we will no longer provide any changes to the v8 Free code base.

Can I continue to use Macrium Reflect Free?

Yes, you can continue to use the software in perpetuity, your license to use the software is unaffected.

Will Macrium Reflect Free have any new features or updates for future Windows versions?

Macrium Reflect Free v8.0 supports Windows XP SP 3.0 up to, and including, Windows 10 & 11 version 22H2. There will be no new features or support for later Windows operating system updates.


Note: This notice only applies to Macrium Reflect Free.



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Thank you @nukecad. My perspective about free programs has shifted, along with  financial decisions in general. Initial resistance at the cost of worthwhile products or services is overcome when rational thought objectively calculates benefits. 

In this case, those updates & support are insurance for physical as well as priceless intellectual property. 

I learned about Macrium on the cusp of their internal changes and joined the forum a week before they stopped offering their free version. Options from Macrium were bare bones. Free 30 day trial or annual paid version. I got the trial and then spent 2 weeks on a learning curve. It forced me to get real & get serious. 

In the end, notices like the one you've attached are a predictable part of digital life, but I still feel a twinge of sadness.  I'm getting very used to EOL and AUE. 

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Thanks for that @AdvancedSetup Mine is registered, but it's been a while since I installed it.

@NewTricks EOL for software is not much different to physical products.

For an example:
Companies discontinue a particular version, instead they have a new version to sell.
They will still support the old version for a while, and after that you can still get non-company support from others.
People still use the old one they have until it gets too difficult to maintain, or awkward to use, or doesn't do what they need anymore.
Some fans and collectors will keep and ocasionally use the old one for many years after it's been discontinued.

Am I talking about software or cars?

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2 hours ago, nukecad said:

Am I talking about software or cars?

@nukecad until you put it in these terms, I missed this point entirely. 🙄  I guess I should be grateful that digital products are revealed in advance vs. a sudden unpleasant surprise. We've all had enough of those. Now to march to the tune of those big drummers....

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  • 4 weeks later...

My trial of Macrium expired on 3/24/23. For the past 11 days, taskbar notifications say Macrium trial has expired. (thank you) 

Going into the taskbar notifications, I noticed 15 separate icons for MACRIUM REFLECT UI Watcher. ????

First I thought, OK, one for each day beyond expiration, but no.

Then I thought, uninstall and that settles it~ is that right?

I still plan on buying the annual subscription to Macrium, timing is everything.

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  • Root Admin

Though it's possible to tweak and prevent the alerts of programs (I've played with it before) I don't really recommend it. Simply clear them all and move on.

Then when one does come up perhaps it's more relevant to what is going on with the computer on that day.

There are other products for backup that are still free, but Macrium Reflect has built a large following of customers as it works well and was free for many years


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1 hour ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Simply clear them all

Describe clear. Hide?

After a complete uninstall of Macrium, the exe files remain the notification area. They are not showing now, but shouldn't the uninstall removed them too? Anyway, this will all be moot soon with my new Dell.

Reflect UI.JPG

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  • Root Admin

Yes, it should have.

Please open a new topic in the Malware Removal forum and run the Farbar scanner and attach the logs and I'll check it out and assist you @NewTricks



Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system.
You can check here if you're not sure if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit

  • Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
  • Press the Scan button.
  • It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please attach it to your reply.
  • The first time the tool is run, it also makes another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply as well.

Thank you



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