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The following is a list of different available Backup Software programs.  
Please note that Malwarebytes does not endorse any of these programs.
In today's digital World it is imperative that users backup their data.  All too often users get infected or have hard drive failures and lose their data.
It is highly recommended that you have at least a backup to an external device such as a USB drive for all of your important data.  It is also recommended that you do not keep the backup drive connected to the system all the time.  It should only be connected to do the backup and then once the backup has completed disconnect the drive.  The reason for this is that if your computer were to become infected and the backup drive was connected then the infection could potentially infect, delete, or encrypt your backup as well.  Never connect the backup drive to the computer if you suspect that you might potentially have an infection.  Make sure the infection has been removed before connecting the backup drive otherwise again you could easily infect the backup and lose all your backed up data as well.   For highly critical data it is recommended that you have more than one backup copy of that data.  You need to also periodically test and confirm that you're able to recover your data.  There are many posts on the Web where users have been backing up data for years but never tested restoring it. Then when an emergency struck and they went to restore their data they found out that either the restore just did not work, or that some or all of the data was corrupted.  Don't be caught out in the cold - get your data backed up and keep it backed up frequently.  There are certainly Pros and Cons to online Cloud backups but it is an option for some users and again, it should not be your only backup and you may want to encrypt it locally before uploading to the Cloud.  Regardless of which backup you use if you do decide to encrypt the data then you need to make very sure that you do not forget the password.  Most backup software makes available encryption that cannot be decrypted by any publicly known methods. If you forget your password and you've used encryption then you've lost the data.
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Data Backup Software

Cloud Backup Software

Snapshot and Imaging Backup

Disk and Partitioning

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Removed Cobian Backup

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Removed - no longer available
AX 64 Time Machine
Areca Backup
Redo Backup and Recovery


Symantec Backup Exec is now Veritas Net Backup and Backup Exec



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updated information

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Sadly, had to remove Cobian Backup from the list. It is a great little piece of backup software but the original author sold the program to someone else that it looks like they decided to put it in a wrapper to monetize more money out of it.

Please do not download the Cobian Backup software from that site anymore as it now comes with some type of wrapper.



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