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Could not reinstall Malwarebytes

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I had run Malwarebytes since I get my M1 Mac Mini in Aug. 2019 - it runs only as trial.

In the last few days, Malwarebytes blocked the upgrade of Crossover as well as Softmaker Office 2011.
Shooting down the programme in the activity display did not bring any success, it started again immediately - although it is not active (without a licence) as a real-time guard.
I then uninstalled Malwarebytes.
After upgrading from Softmaker Office 2011, I tried to install the Malwarebytes-Mac- package again, which failed!

Whats wrong now?


M1 MacMini, Ventura 13.2.1



Malwarebytes Installationsfehler.png

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The first reaction from developers with regard to inability to install their software is to blame the anti-malware software. In some cases it's justified, but quite doubtful in the case of Malwarebytes. I myself have never had an issue installing Softmaker products with Malwarebytes installed.

You didn't mention how you went about uninstalling Malwarebytes, but if you didn't follow the instructions here, then it might not have been done properly. In that case you will need to follow the alternative instruction at the link shown at the bottom of that page.

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I have always created two users on my Macs - an admin and a normal user (without admin rights).
I always work with the normal user - when installing from this user, I am asked for the name and password of the admin, which always works.
But in this case (installation SoftmakerOffice) it didn't help! Even after switching to admin, it couldn't help. Only the complete uninstallation of Malwarebytes helped.

A similar picture presented itself when I reinstalled Malwarebytes (which I started with the download package). With the normal user, the installation stopped just before the end, despite entering the admin user + password. Only after logging in as Admin did it work. This is unusual in contrast to other software packages.

In the terminal, su admin & sudo also work without any problems!


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