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False positive pls


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Log for staff since it was not included.


Malware.AI.397453060, C:\MALWARE TEST NO WD\TURBO.CNMGR\TURBO.CNMGR.DLL, No Action By User, 1000000, 397453060, 1.0.66045, 50ADFDE73D03458317B0A704, dds, 02181304, 8A3AD0F8D94803588AF567C808D165C8, 41596B88129BBEF4E8D44206E68284859E16943E7CA77ECD629AFE5061960608

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This application was false positive in Malwarebytes app and TotalVirus.

Malware.AI.2292160656, C:\USERS\USER\DESKTOP\VPNVAULTSETUP.EXE, No Action By User, 1000000, -2002806640, 1.0.66119, 8B9CFDBBC34FD322889F9890, dds, 02185045, 89B5C2CC666CAC6E9C349B48458DAAEE, 5428ADDE450D311F74D919CC4301F763D95A80FE3D08E616E4D8DDAA1BF5BF21



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