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  1. Thank you! Can you please update your database and confirm that the detections are no longer happening? If any detections remain, please let us know, but this should be fixed.
  2. Thank you for reporting. We will get this fixed.
  3. Hello again, Thank you for that. Can you also please export the scan log that shows these detections that you screenshotted:
  4. This appears to be an FP and we will get it fixed. While we work on this, can you please attach a full MBAM log showing the detections? From the results screen, click Export then copy to clipboard and paste it here. Thank you for reporting.
  5. Hello, These all appear to be hacks/cracks/keygens for popular software. These types of software often come with malware and so we usually refer to them as riskware, although in this case it is mostly generic/heuristic detection hitting these. I would have Malwarebytes remove these to be safe.
  6. I will go ahead and whitelist this file. I have also removed the attachment from your post. All best,
  7. I will go ahead and whitelist this. Thank you for reporting.
  8. Hello and thank you for your report. It is being correctly labeled as riskware due to data collection, which the user may or may not be okay with. Hence, we mark it as riskware and not malware. All best,
  9. We have whitelisted the file. All best,
  10. We have whitelisted the file. All best,
  11. Thank you for reporting this. This is an FP and we will get it fixed.
  12. We highly recommend digitally signing the files you create.
  13. We have whitelisted this. All best,
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