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USB data blocked

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 running and up to date Android 10 IOS. After installing the trial Malwarebytes premium the tablet would only charge when connected to my Windows 10 PC with the USB cord. I had to start developer mode on the tablet and change the USB settings to USB debugging on, Default USB configuration Transferring files / Android Auto, USBSettings Installed. Then it would connect to the PC and allow data to be sent as normal. BUT I have a DJI drone and wanted to use the tablet with the drone controller. It connects to the drone controller with the USB cord. But the tablet will not allow data transfer with the controller. It works with the PC but not the controller. Other DJI users with the same tablet and controller have no problem at all and the only thing that differs between their tablet and mine was that I installed the trial Malwarebytes premium - which expired because I live in New Caledonia and can't pay for apps on the Google Play Store. I've uninstalled the Android Malwarebytes but the tablet still refuses to share data with the drone controller. Can anyone advise me how to get it working again without resetting to the original factory settings?


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I'm not sure if this helps, but you could try clearing out the app data for Malwarebytes by reinstalling Malwarebytes and following the instructions in this support article, then try uninstalling again to see if that helps to get it working with your drone, and I will also report the issue to the Product team in case there is an issue with compatibility.

In the meantime, hopefully someone more familiar with Android can assist in diagnosing the issue in case there is a solution besides having to remove the app in case you wish to continue using it on your device.

I hope this helps.  Please let us know how it goes.


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Hi @richardhc,

By default, when you plug in an Android device into a PC, it is on charging mode only.  It looks like you found a way to change the default USB config to "transfers" for you PC.  However, you may also need to go into your notifications after plugging in your drone and select "transfer" there.  Installing Malwarebytes would not interfere with USB config modes.


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