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MalwareBytes Call Protection

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As indicated in the announcement you linked to, the issue preventing this feature from being implemented is Google's policy, so until or unless that policy is changed, there will be no way for Malwarebytes to offer this functionality in the application.  That said, you'll find more info about the issue in this support article and, at least according to this support article, there is an app with this functionality available to users in the UK, so either Google's policies differ in the UK, or the article should be removed or revised.

With all of that said, scam calls are still flagged on iOS which is likely why there still remains a section of the Research sub-forum for reporting scam numbers.

In the meantime, I will pass your feedback/request on to the Product team for their consideration, assuming it is even possible for them to reintroduce the feature depending on Google's policies.

If you have any further suggestions or feedback please let us know.


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@exile360 Thanks!

About the Google's policy, I understand that the feature can no longer be part of the MW app, but, it can be released as a standalone app, just like the one that I ss/you linked here... 
Looking into it, in the App Info section, the last update was on Aug 21, 2019, and the "early access program" is not available to register/download.... 

I would love to participate and contribute, considering the app is active and in development, but as I said, there's no information (that I know) about its state since 2019...

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