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  1. Yeah... I hope they have plans for it, but even if they don't, I would like to know.... Thanks for the help, @exile360.
  2. @exile360 Thanks! About the Google's policy, I understand that the feature can no longer be part of the MW app, but, it can be released as a standalone app, just like the one that I ss/you linked here... Looking into it, in the App Info section, the last update was on Aug 21, 2019, and the "early access program" is not available to register/download.... I would love to participate and contribute, considering the app is active and in development, but as I said, there's no information (that I know) about its state since 2019...
  3. Hello! Do MW plan to launch Call Protection in the future? Are there any news about it that I missed? I mean, the feature was removed back in 2019, but the app wasn't updated since, but the forum still have a section to report scammers... Thanks!
  4. IMO, if the .jpg or file is compromised, the whole file should be quarantined.
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