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I wish if malwarebytes could register with vista security centre like spybot or superantispyware..!! :D

If malwarebyte could update automatically or scheduled update can be done with task scheduler, because it updates several times in a day... :D


If there would be an option in the user interface to send suspicious files. Because i think everyone are not aware how to submit them. :D

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The paid version of MBAM does allow you to schedule updates once a day. Anymore and you'd have to created a task in Task Scheduler... You would run the task mbam.exe /updateshowdialog (shows update status) or /runupdate (hides update status)... If you need help setting up the task, PM me and I'll walk you through it.

I do second the ability to upload a file or files via the program's GUI. I believe Avira has this capability. I think it would be easier for the average user.

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hi swagger,

avira, avast, bitdefender all have that ability to upload files. A-squared uses a link in their gui to the submission page. that is also helpful.

Can i configure the free version to schedule the task..?

I am aware of the scheduled update once in a day in the paid version. But i wish if it be possible to schedule it more than one times..!!

and what about registration with vista security centre..!! :D

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Ah, nice... Well, maybe the developers will think about implementing that feature (upload file) in the future. Only time will tell.

It is possible to setup a task for the free version. If you want me to walk you through that process, shoot me a PM (private message) -- Single left click my name and select "Send message". I'll walk you through it.

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