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  1. Was just reading a few articles about Google the other day where they stated that users should not expect a certain level of privacy. And with everything going on with the NSA (Prism), I believe it and am concerned. I was thinking of possible ways to still use e-mail but with privacy and each method seemed to have its own flaws. Hosting my own mail server was one solution and using PGP on Gmail or any other free webmail service that supports it was another. The problem is that I have never setup a mail server before so I'm sure it would take awhile and then there's no guarantee that I would
  2. That's a great tip but seems like a makeshift solution. I know there's the ability to handle how MBAM treats PUPs, however, it would still be nice to have the "Select All" button in cases where you DO want to remove everything, but didn't want to have everything selected by default.
  3. I love the "wingman" wallpaper, especially being prior Air Force. Great job with all of them! Unfortunately, I keep solid color backgrounds on my desktop.
  4. Well if you go to Control Panel >> Software Updates... When the window opens, there should be a settings icon near the top right... Click on that icon and the products it is trying to update should show up. Let me know if that doesn't work for you.
  5. Just as an example, on my work computer it updates Roxio and Sonic, but is disabled from starting at boot. Keith
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