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  1. Please find the attached files which has been zipped and uploaded from the Seamonkey Portable folder. The Scan results are also uploaded. I tried scanning at VirusTotal but none came up with detection, so these are possibly false positives. VirusTotal - File - 78e23e16afa23a405e4d267846726ad4328b4f3f9c878052426b632459a7f269 VirusTotal - File - ed6e85a8578dc1a4a3882a9eed06497ba20e13a058648f8149b9d130a54068cc MapiProxy.zip AccessibleHandler.zip Scan Results.txt
  2. I always used to visit the site through my mobile where I use Bitdefender and it never blocked it but I haven't found anything suspicious also. But today tried to visit through my desktop and Malwarebytes blocked it. I checked at Virustotal and found that Kaspersky detects it too... Can you please check it? https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/e940023bee05f1223bdfa77f897bac3676096a52fa469e013902f22847b8955a
  3. Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\JetAudio\jetChat.exe Action Taken: No Action By User Scan time: 2021-09-17 2:58 AM (IST) Report time: 2021-09-17 3:17 AM (IST) Threat name: Malware.AI.4093377762 CRC-32: 84724721 SHA-1: d84902e3f2d266a7ba33970f1f2b7a9c2d29328e SHA-256: 913dc235bf811805298e3f44e90ca50a5db9d79bf5c0938d013612f4e5aef0d7 SHA-512: 1c05f47acb3fdc131af483e7706dd5359133347613172bda9df8d801d0d2c1803304806d4d4199b28eb38e5a738e51daaf14889fde9cc9be7103f5b3c49a6db6 P.S: I am having trouble uploading the file here. Always getting upload error. For that reason I have uploaded the file to an external server. https://easyupload.io/ztdo8j
  4. Hi, I have seen for a long time that pcwintech.com is blocked which is supposedly a clean site. Earlier I haven't reported due to laziness. 😃 Can you please check and whitelist? https://www.urlvoid.com/scan/pcwintech.com/ https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/2560ed2c01002ac78bb0ebc38856a09469b4a1c0e8ab9c31fd80c92e53a82ac7/detection
  5. Please review the attached file which is most probably a False Positive detection. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6be5ff3d94c15a4ec1b44c6b572a1e1b83a234e34fb3e218794e4d96f5909948/detection Stockfish-13_x32.zip Detection Log of Stockfish.txt
  6. My main website is on a Shared IP (GoDaddy) and I discovered that this IP is blacklisted in Malwarebytes & also in WOT. http://www.urlvoid.com/ip/ http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/ I found that a number of websites in this shared IP is blacklisted here and there, but I want to know exactly which domain(s) is/are so much abusive for Malwarebytes to blacklist the IP. I am asking this because I want to submit that information to GoDaddy for taking possible necessary action.
  7. A file in PDFMate is wrongly detected as "Trojan Agent" http://www.pdfmate.com/ Developer mode scan yields the following: See attachment VT Scan https://www.virustot...sis/1332569764/ mbam-log-2012-03-24 (11-33-35).txt
  8. All fixed! But sumo.exe indeed contains Relevant Knowledge so it needs to be detected.
  9. Not sure if someone already posted it. SUMO from KC softwares http://www.kcsoftwar.../index.php?sumo incorporates relevant knowledge and other sponsors in one of its installers http://www.kcsoftwares .com/files/sumo.exe (remove space) In its nork installer, relevant knowledge is absent but other sponsors are present. http://www.kcsoftwares .com/files/sumo_nork.exe (remove space) In its lite installer it contains no foreign stuffs. http://www.kcsoftwares .com/files/sumo_lite.exe (remove space) But MBAM detects all three as Adware.RKN as containing relevant knowledge. I know its not the proper way of presenting FP but for the three files I was not prepare to made a full scan in developer mode. Sorry for that.
  10. Log file (MBAM was run in developer mode) mbam-log-2011-11-29 (10-14-49).txt Is that happened because I run this tweak from jv16 Powertools 2011?
  11. And thanks. I will forward the following informations to the address you specified.
  12. Hi sorry for the confusion. Several computers mean I tried that on several personal laptops of my friends that use wireless connections in our institute. I was trying this because I was asked by our head to select a good antimalware that can be used in this environment. So i was just trailing so that I can ask them to purchase the pro.
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