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  1. I always used to visit the site through my mobile where I use Bitdefender and it never blocked it but I haven't found anything suspicious also. But today tried to visit through my desktop and Malwarebytes blocked it. I checked at Virustotal and found that Kaspersky detects it too... Can you please check it? https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/e940023bee05f1223bdfa77f897bac3676096a52fa469e013902f22847b8955a
  2. Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\JetAudio\jetChat.exe Action Taken: No Action By User Scan time: 2021-09-17 2:58 AM (IST) Report time: 2021-09-17 3:17 AM (IST) Threat name: Malware.AI.4093377762 CRC-32: 84724721 SHA-1: d84902e3f2d266a7ba33970f1f2b7a9c2d29328e SHA-256: 913dc235bf811805298e3f44e90ca50a5db9d79bf5c0938d013612f4e5aef0d7 SHA-512: 1c05f47acb3fdc131af483e7706dd5359133347613172bda9df8d801d0d2c1803304806d4d4199b28eb38e5a738e51daaf14889fde9cc9be7103f5b3c49a6db6 P.S: I am having trouble uploading the file here. Always getting upload error. For that reason I have uploaded the file to an external server. https://easyupload.io/ztdo8j
  3. Hi, I have seen for a long time that pcwintech.com is blocked which is supposedly a clean site. Earlier I haven't reported due to laziness. 😃 Can you please check and whitelist? https://www.urlvoid.com/scan/pcwintech.com/ https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/2560ed2c01002ac78bb0ebc38856a09469b4a1c0e8ab9c31fd80c92e53a82ac7/detection
  4. Please review the attached file which is most probably a False Positive detection. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6be5ff3d94c15a4ec1b44c6b572a1e1b83a234e34fb3e218794e4d96f5909948/detection Stockfish-13_x32.zip Detection Log of Stockfish.txt
  5. My main website is on a Shared IP (GoDaddy) and I discovered that this IP is blacklisted in Malwarebytes & also in WOT. http://www.urlvoid.com/ip/ http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/ I found that a number of websites in this shared IP is blacklisted here and there, but I want to know exactly which domain(s) is/are so much abusive for Malwarebytes to blacklist the IP. I am asking this because I want to submit that information to GoDaddy for taking possible necessary action.
  6. A file in PDFMate is wrongly detected as "Trojan Agent" http://www.pdfmate.com/ Developer mode scan yields the following: See attachment VT Scan https://www.virustot...sis/1332569764/ mbam-log-2012-03-24 (11-33-35).txt
  7. All fixed! But sumo.exe indeed contains Relevant Knowledge so it needs to be detected.
  8. Not sure if someone already posted it. SUMO from KC softwares http://www.kcsoftwar.../index.php?sumo incorporates relevant knowledge and other sponsors in one of its installers http://www.kcsoftwares .com/files/sumo.exe (remove space) In its nork installer, relevant knowledge is absent but other sponsors are present. http://www.kcsoftwares .com/files/sumo_nork.exe (remove space) In its lite installer it contains no foreign stuffs. http://www.kcsoftwares .com/files/sumo_lite.exe (remove space) But MBAM detects all three as Adware.RKN as containing relevant knowledge. I know its not the proper way of presenting FP but for the three files I was not prepare to made a full scan in developer mode. Sorry for that.
  9. Log file (MBAM was run in developer mode) mbam-log-2011-11-29 (10-14-49).txt Is that happened because I run this tweak from jv16 Powertools 2011?
  10. And thanks. I will forward the following informations to the address you specified.
  11. Hi sorry for the confusion. Several computers mean I tried that on several personal laptops of my friends that use wireless connections in our institute. I was trying this because I was asked by our head to select a good antimalware that can be used in this environment. So i was just trailing so that I can ask them to purchase the pro.
  12. Why women need ChicaPC-Shield for their computers?
  13. In the update settings of MBAM, proxy authentication can be applied. My institute uses proxy authentication but I never found MBAM updating in my institute. It always shows the following error pop-up. I have found this on several computers.
  14. Sorry I forgot to provide the password. It was fp. Anyway I uploaded it again with the passowrd infected. TC_Debug.7z
  15. File Name: TC_Debug.exe Part of Comodo TrustConnect http://www.comodo.com/trustconnect/ Virustotal Scan result http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report...1843-1290917964 TC_Debug.rar mbam_log_2010_11_28__11_53_19_.txt
  16. See my signature.... Clear Cloud DNS.
  17. threatfire might make your system heavy. Just a suggestion. You may install Comodo firewall with Avast.
  18. @Bomb123: you may have Winpatrol Free, an USB antivirus like No Autorun, an antiexecutable software or Behavioral Blocker like Threatfire. IMO ad-aware free and emco malware destroyer are pretty useless. But you may keep EMCO as it is a portable scanner. Adaware free will offer no great protection other than slowing down your system.
  19. Both MBAM and HMP are awesome. I use both. Thankfully HMP is a on-demand scanner only. I wish there could be a lifetime license like MBAM.
  20. @Buttons: I guess you misunderstood it. I have tested it several times. And even after the last update the free version offered 1. Realtime Protection 2. Manual scanning It only lacks 1. Removable Drive scanning 2. Scheduled scanning. and some thing more. I forgot those. The main problem I faced is that it is extremely slow in scanning and removal. Also also not as light as promised.
  21. Hi this antivirus uses Virusbuster engine and is same as Preventon Antivirus. http://www.virusbtn.com/vb100/archive/results?vendor=VE79 http://www.virusbtn.com/vb100/archive/results?vendor=VE69 Reference http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=261551 http://www.raymond.cc/forum/spyware-viruse...l-defender.html http://forums.techguy.org/general-security...l-defender.html
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