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Considering upgrading from Home to Business. Advice?

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Due to recent events, I feel a strong urge to switch over from the Home version of MalwareBytes to the Business version, but before I fork over the delicious cash or plan my budgeting, I want to know some things:

1. As a current Home user, what business-exclusive features could I reasonably expect to benefit from in everyday use?

2. When upgrading from Home to Business, which products in particular would you recommend?

3. Based on the answers to the previous two, how much more can I expect the Business-line products to cost me compared to the consumer versions that I'm already using?


Thanks! 🦊

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You can find lots of info on the various features with Malwarebytes business products on this page and additional details by clicking on the various Learn more links listed throughout the page beneath each brief product description and next to each of the associated REQUEST DEMO and SEE PRICING buttons/links found there.

You may also review the relevant support documentation for each product using the links under the Business Solutions section on the right side of this page.

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The Home Premium and Busines - Endpoint Protection cloud-managed products both use the same 'version 3' engine with its 7-layer protection model.
Endpoint Protection provides a central cloud-management console for central enforcement of policy and central monitoring.

Business Products are only available to customers with 10+ seats.  An additional module is available to business users 'response' for isolation, suspicious monitoring and ransomware rollback, but only for much larger seat counts.

You are as well protected with Home Premium as you would be with cloud-managed Endpoint Protection i.e. no need to change. 

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Actually, I just found out about the MalwareBytes Academy thing, which is apparently exclusive to Endpoint Protection customers. Since I'm trying to get a Computer Science (Associate of Science) degree as my minor and a Cybersecurity (Associate of Applied Science) degree as my major, this Malwarebytes Academy thing is particularly enticing, and I now have renewed interest in MalwareBytes Endpoint Protection / Malwarebytes for Business. The Cloud Management Console could also help me troubleshoot protected computers regardless od where I am, and there are a lot of computers in my family that are currently protected by Malwarebytes.

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