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Someone's impersonating me to my customers

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Last week, one of my customers replied to an email I had sent them. The subject line read "Invoices" and the body was as follows:

Good Morning AP,


Kindly update me on payment status on the attached invoices.


Thank you.



The problem is-- I never wrote that email. I don't write like that and I never use non-descriptive one-word subject lines. The email also doesn't appear in my "sent items" either online (office.com) or in Outlook. The weirdest part is that the email had two PDF files attached-- two valid invoices which I had submitted to this customer many weeks prior-- in two totally separate emails. Other than the customer, I am the only one who has access to these files.

I asked the customer to send me the original email so I could look at the headers (attached). About halfway down, you'll notice that the message was received by "looklarson.mymailsrvr.com" and that the authenticated sender is listed as "brianeudy@looklarson.com". looklarson.com is the domain for a car dealership in Washington with which I've never had any dealings whatsoever. Further down, you'll see that the Reply-To was set to "invoiceinquiries@gmail.com". No idea who that belongs to, but a Google search turns up zero results.

Bottom line-- I am completely stumped as to how this happened and am looking for any ideas as to how to prevent it from happening again.

Thank you!



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There are a few possibilities...

  • Your email was compromised
  • The Headers were forged
  • Your email address was harvested and then used

I am not too sure about the email Header.  It purports to be from Microsoft but the Header seems incomplete for Microsoft.  I also see an IP for RackSpace but the header's Microsoft IPv6 addresses are from Microsoft in the UK.  Thus I am leaning towards the header being forged.  Just in case... I suggest that you change your email password and make sure it is a Strong Password preferably containing 2 x Uppercase, 2 x lowercase, 2 x numbers and 2 x special characters.

If you can post the headers of a legitimate email you sent or send me and email to my Verizon address ( in my Post Signature), I can compare a legitimate email header with the attached and obtain more information. 



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Apologies for the delay. Been out of the country.


David: Passwords changed and email sent. Thank you for offering to help!

Firefox: I would think the same thing, except like I mentioned, the attachments were two PDFs that I had previously sent to the recipient. I checked both documents. They were the exact ones I sent.


Thanks for your help!

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