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Unless you have a jailbroken iPhone, the the problem has to be either with your network or the site you are visiting. There isn't any known malware that can impact an iOS device in this way, so that would almost certainly eliminate this infection being on your Mac, either.

If you are certain it isn't your router and you aren't using a different DNS from the other computers on your network, then you need to look into a good adware blocker.

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I'd agree with Al. If you're seeing exactly the same behavior on both your Mac and your iPhone, it's not due to adware. Adware for the iPhone is extremely rare, and adware that infects both an iPhone and a Mac at the same time is nonexistent. It has to be an external factor.

Ordinarily, I would say that it's your network connection, but it sounds like you've already verified that other Macs on the same network are not having issues. First, make absolutely sure that they actually are on the same network. If this is in a large building, such as in a business, it's possible machines in different parts of the building are on the same wifi network, but are connecting through different access points, and only one of the access points has been compromised.

If they truly are on the same network, you'll need to look at your network settings on the affected Mac and iPhone, and see what differs from the unaffected devices. As Al suggested, a different DNS might explain the problem. Another possibility is that you're using a particular VPN on both devices.

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