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How Good Programs Go Bad -- the Fall of Malwarebytes

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What does most malware do?  It tells you you are in sudden danger when you are not, in order to scare you into buying something. 

That by itself doesn't mean a program is malware. It takes more. Like the following: 

(1) When you install Malwarebytes Free, it defaults to the 14 day Premium Trial.

(2) When the trial runs out, a warning appears that is intended to scare users into buying the Premium version -- a warning that implies the user is in imminent danger.  

(3) If users downgrade to the Free version, it gets switched back to Premium (and re-starts the 14 day countdown to the scareware message) EVERY TIME you do a full upgrade. 

(4) Full upgrades seem to be more and more frequent...

Now this last one might be a necessity of battling modern malware. But when you combine all four you get something that looks a lot like a virus. At the very least, it's disappointing.

"HOW CAN FREE STUFF BE DISAPPOINTING?" Because we're spoiled by good free stuff. But MBAM also makes $, yeah? (You must -- I've advised many virus-prone clients to pay for MBAM.) 

And it's good to get paid. Especially if you deserve it because you made a light, fast, effective, safe cleaner and made it available for free.

But beware the road that so many have taken.  AVG --> Crapware Bloatfest.  Avast --> Turdpile Scumbladder. There's more but I'm lazy. Oh yeah -- Norton. Yes I invoke Norton, the Nazis of fake security.  Decade after decade, trusting grandpas gently shell out $50-$100 per year for one of the worst AV programs in history, just because, once upon a time, Norton was clever enough pay HP and Dell to infect countless generations of PC's with "Free 90 day trials" which ended with, you guessed it, scary warnings. (Another Norton tactic: they convince journalists that Norton is the go-to authority on malware. They conduct interviews in "war rooms" -- big darkened high-tech workspaces full of busy technicians toiling under giant screens that show the global progression of "the threat". Jesus.)

PS - How long till Adwcleaner starts having nag screens about the pro version?

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Step 3 shouldn't be happening. We did reset the trial notifications once last year which would cause this to happen, but if you're seeing this more frequently, can you run mb-check from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_check and upload the zip file it creates? This will give us some information about your machine so we can try to see why you keep getting these notifications.

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Unfortunately, Dark is correct. Everytime I update MB I get the free upgrade trial whether I want it or not. When it gets close to expiring (within 5 days or so) I start getting popups. They appear regardless of what I'm doing (such as playing a game). I have to alt-tab out to close the little ad. Annoying as F**k. And @dcollins, Please explain why information about a person's computer would be relevant to the problem. I've installed the free version on my current computer but I did buy the premium on my last computer 7-8 ;years ago. @PureCode. Yes, It is an awesome AV app. But it has become too "in your face". The free premium is nice but if I wanted it I would have bought it. I din't ask for it to be installed on my current machine and it is really pissing me off that I can't go 30 mins without a popup that requires me to alt-tab out of whatever I'm dong to close this annoying message. I find it sad that they have resorted to such desperate means to generate money. And the link that dcollins gives (which I didn't click on). I ask again..why?

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@Unknowntongue we did reset the trials again for 3.4.4, but it can easily be disabled under the My Account section.

We also have plans to allow more control over the notifications so that they don't interrupt people while they're doing things like playing games or watching videos. No ETA on that yet though.

As for the logs I asked for, DarkDaggler said this was happening everytime he performed an upgrade not just when we forcefully reset the trials. If that's happening, it has to be something on the machine that's changing to make us think the machine is a different computer than what it was before, and the logs would give us an idea of that.

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