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Persistant Threat

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What a relief... I really thought that iam going insane. Have been struggling with this stuff for almost 2 month... No result. Turned out there is no need for having a hdd for this beautifull thing to deploy a virtual machine at your motherboards. Code is injected at firmware roms. As an "IT-GUY" myself, i have been able to understand how deep is the rabbit hole, and why is this happening, and why there is no solution atm... After two month of everyday fighting you start to kinda smell if device is infected or not :) The problem is that u cant do anything with it...

Gosh, i rly just wont to work, but it seems big bro thinks i cant proceed without his "supervision" :)


P.S. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_persistent_threat


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I am not aware of any verifiable proof of any such threats. All discussions, blogs, articles, etc. are all based on conjecture ( an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information ) and FUD and perpetuation of this magical belief posted from one website to another much like the "fake news" of today that has no proof of what they write about.

Any verifiable proof would come from allowing multiple members of the security industry complete, full access to analyze, record, and document any such threat. There are thousands and thousands of articles and notes and discussions and in the end - nothing, zero proof beyond discussion.

Writing code to silently infect, remain infected, jump from BIOS/UEFI to then infect GPU BIOS/Firmware, then Hard Drive firmware, etc. has never been publicly documented. Infecting one element such as the hard drive is possible, but nothing that jumps from device to device infecting it.



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