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Good improvements! Thanks!

- By the way, traditionaly, infected files are zipped and protected by the password 'infected': I think that this is done to prevent Antimalware programs from catching the files. True virus analysts prefer raw files (no zip).

- Wouldn't it be good to add a button to get a contact in case of zipped file bigger than 2 MB (link to http://www.malwarebytes.org/contact.php )? This button would avoid to search for the location of the contact and, perhaps finally not upload the file

- Wouldn't you need some information (I guess most of the files might come from a cleaning on a forum in which the file was not catched):

--- description

--- link to the discussion

--- an email address to contact the sender if necessary

- Wouldn't it be good to add a button to a list showing the detected files? This way, nice helpers could check the contents of the list to know if you already know the file

- a usual problem with upload is the 0-byte file due to some antimalware programs that block uploads without any message!

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Darn it man, I forgot to upload some stuff. I just found part of iedefender, well, Avira did, found this... after I thought it all gone..

Virus or unwanted program 'DR/FraudTool.IeDefender.B [DR/FraudTool.IeDefender.B]'

detected in file 'C:\System Volume Information\_restore{591C3984-9A8F-42ED-BD45-14E07B40C8B7}\RP158\A0041240.exe.

Action performed: Delete file

Of course it's easy enough to purge. I didn't know if this fits under your criteria but Avira did term it as Malware so I would suppose so.

Sorry Marcin, I should have saved it for you.


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