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  1. Hey thanks all Glad to hear from yous again! Yes life is life and gets very busy. Fixing computers takes up most of my time, especially with the antivirus variants hitting so many people. Plus my daughter has had 6 skin cancer surgeries, she's only 6 years old imho, but no chemo needed or anything yet and she's a trooper so we're very lucky. But yep, I still do graphics on the side when I can, learning new things. Been into Blender 3D mainly, what a learning process! I saw this, Thank you, glad you still like them lol. That said, I couldn't go without leaving another graphic then.... I made it quickly since I have to leave tonight so forgive the rough edges. I will try to stop in from time to time to say hi. Take care all, Paul
  2. Just thought I'd drop in while reporting a FP, update my profile (needed a major dusting) and say Hi. Been so busy with things, it's tough to keep up. Hope all is going well for everyone. Cheers, Paul
  3. Ok, thank you, much appreciated. Paul
  4. Heyas, Normally Snapfiles replies to my reports when I find something wrong with a software on their site. This time, they have not responded and could mean this is a false positive which only MBAM is picking up on currently. The scan is below, the file is attached. Thanks, Paul 08:52:01 Drastic MESSAGE Protection started successfully 08:52:05 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 09:06:56 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 09:06:57 Drastic MESSAGE Database updated successfully 09:06:58 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 09:08:03 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 09:08:53 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 09:25:39 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 09:25:40 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 09:26:15 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 09:26:15 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 09:28:57 Drastic DETECTION C:\USERS\DRASTIC\DOWNLOADS\ISOCD.EXE Trojan.Agent QUARANTINE 09:29:04 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 09:29:05 Drastic MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully ISOCD.zip
  5. Ok, Snapfiles said this is a false positive so here's the log in developer mode... Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.10 Database version: 594 Scan type: Quick Scan Objects scanned: 29204 Time elapsed: 2 minute(s), 4 second(s) Memory Processes Infected: 0 Memory Modules Infected: 0 Registry Keys Infected: 0 Registry Values Infected: 0 Registry Data Items Infected: 0 Folders Infected: 0 Files Infected: 1 Memory Processes Infected: (No malicious items detected) Memory Modules Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Keys Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Values Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Data Items Infected: (No malicious items detected) Folders Infected: (No malicious items detected) Files Infected: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\MovieSnapshot.exe (Spyware.WOW) -> No action taken. [HASH=Spyware.WOW, 37f810e92085ba357e7d7327cd4369f1]
  6. Just stating that mine does work and does alert on both counts.. I attached images.. this should help narrow down the fact that it does work on some systems. I run XPpro , all updated, etc... Cheers, Paul
  7. Hi Fred, Working great here, no hiccups, great app Paul
  8. Thanks for the reply I understand about malware detection methods and have no issue with such but with keyloggers specifically. The detection methods are quite open to the public and for the slightly more savvy perhaps some simple tools will tell you if there is a keylogger or not, then yes, there are others. The time I would think to not divulge information is if someone is at a work place and keylogging is considered to keep track of activities that shouldn't be going on, then again, if there was a good IT and such, they wouldn't have access to means to find a keylogger anyway. Not all keyloggers are malware or considered as such. Like with anything, keyloggers are not bad in themselves if used for the RIGHT reasons, but anything can be used for ill intent. So as I read this, it seems that keyloggers are being classified as malware. Not all of them are, there are some keyloggers dropped with harmful intent, fine, but if your firewall is used against you say to conceal logs, is it malware? As well, you said I don't recall that being asked, simply how you can tell if there is a keylogger on a system. That's not a dig at the underground, that's a question many ask and there are many methods that are not "revealing information" in order to do this. Also That wasn't my point though. The point was, it's not at all concealed as to how to find and remove or even use a keylogger. So using your above statement, wouldn't it be better to point out 5 known good tools for eg... than letting a user browse for something that may in fact lead to this? After re-reading, I don't think the person was asking for the malware fighters to release some secret info, I think it was a simple question and could have been answered without revealing specific methods that are used by malware fighters. But anyway, thanks for the feedback The above said, I'll leave it there and understand where you are coming from too. Thanks again Dakeyras, Paul
  9. Nice. I'll have to remember this when I get my site up and running.
  10. Since I'm not actually helping do anything, instead, I had a couple of questions as I read replies. I'm not bashing, just curious. That said, Dakeyras, I am not picking on you, just asking as part of what you stated... I am trying to word this as not to sound bad, because I certainly don't mean it that way. I am questioning this answer though. One, I don't understand how this could not be for the general public, I can send my 9 year old on Google and he can find means to use and remove keyloggers in 5 min. The detection methods are numerous, some questionable, but very easy to find, and legal. And once again, I mean no offense but those who distribute baddies, are typically one step ahead of anyone who has to do with security, they wait for US to catch up, then they have 3 new methods of distributing bad stuff by then. Anything we know, they do to. So once again, I am not slamming your answer, but wondering if there is a reason for this specific question being dodged is all. Perhaps a Malwarebytes policy or something. Thanks Paul
  11. Thanks , that's what I was wondering. Sounds like you are loaded to the till in security, loll. It's too bad you couldn't find someone willing to download a bunch of things for you, put to CD\DVD or whatever and then you would at least have some main setup files. That's what I used to do, then all I had to worry about were updates. If you just post or browse, it's not at all bad, but yep, try to download!! You can grow old waiting for a download, lol. Cheers, Paul
  12. LMAO. And thanks for the info @ lurkingatu2 Thanks. I would still use a different spyware\adware tool along side of an anti-virus type, mainly, if they are good at being an anti-virus, doesn't always mean they are good at the spyware\adware if you know what I mean. I am one of those who like non-integrated tools as much as possible and over the years, I still think they do a better job on their own. You on dial up? I truly feel bad for you. I know what that's like. Well, in some ways it was still better than nothing , if only slightly, lol. Cheers, Paul
  13. Yes, I know. I meant if they removed it from their definitions in the last couple of updates.
  14. LOL, I just noticed this. I was thinking, where the hell did THAT come from But thanks for throwing that in for everyone Paul
  15. Thanks GT, yeah, I agree, they do bounce around when it comes to results. It's fairly impossible to determine if an AV will be top of the line for any amount of time. I used Fix-it-Utilities for some time, it was excellent then they switched companies and blah... then went to Avast, tried AVG, never did like AVG, never tried NOD or Kaspersky and have been fairly, well , VERY happy with Avira. I do go to the av comparatives and check it out every so often. A big kink for me was my prior system which I am no longer limited to running something a bit more resource needy. And yes, the response from Kaspersky labs was exactly what Avira was referring to. I think for now, Avira has been good to me, no issues so I'll stick with it, plus you can't beat the price. I have never used Kaspersky on my own computer, and briefly on other's systems. Unfortunately, I run mainly into Norton They promised a lot in the way of system performance for the new Norton version, I should check to see exactly what was improved, not that I'll ever use it, just out of curiosity. Thanks for the feedback, Paul
  16. Back to topic, somewhere , lol.. lurkingatu, have Avira removed it by now? There have been a couple of updates already so was wondering if they actually did. They are fairly good about it. From what I hear, many are happy with Kaspersky and Avira and a couple of others, me I am an Avira user, I think the detection rate is great and doesn't hog the sys. I may switch to Kaspersky as I believe they have the highest detection rates and many will say , even an AVIRA page said they are good but can't keep up with Kaspersky. So, I am seriously thinking of switching. As long as they don't become like Norton, I'll be happy. Thanks Paul
  17. I think he did mention that in his first line just to clarify the clarify lol, Cheers, Paul
  18. **applauds** As well, there are a million other ways to deal with cookies, take your pick. Yep, for some unknowing people, this looks great in software, ooooo ALERT!! found 7 tracking cookies! Paul
  19. Good to hear That's good news and I hope others update this definition as well, if I recall, A2 and others , maybe Avast I think, detects this too. So many simply coined this a trojan or malware and we typically have to suck up this definition so I'm glad CC found what it was for sure. I think the issue may be the inject.aed which it's " bad variants" like Win32.inject.aed were known to infect the folder with KCMDNIns.exe or even call KCMDNIns.exe a keylogger, malware itself, but now I wonder just how accurate this was. Cheers, Paul
  20. Just a mention, if you have made sure the pc is clean, you can back up all important information prior to doing this, it's a good safety precaution. Paul
  21. I already mentioned that here as well... What is failed here is the mention of people backing up their info on a regular basis, this is the number one prevention against data loss, then infected restore points wouldn't be such an issue. Plus , and this is from hands on experience for years, many infected restore points don't work or cripple the system upon rebooting, depending on the infection type.
  22. Just a note, that file has been deemed a Trojan downloader and\or malware but seems it's the trojan variant to me. There are other variants of it and if I recall was used to attack some bank sites, injecting code into the site and gathering people's info, etc.. Also, this hits the restore typically and purging the restore to get rid of it is usually the last step if it keeps cropping up. An Anti virus software will keep detecting it if in the restore but cannot access it to rid the system of it. That's going off my memory though Paul
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