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  1. If, as @jboursier says, the possibility exists, that my suggestions will be added to the 'Basic Repair Actions', we should discuss the possibility of creating a seperate section for these fixes/actions. The 'Basic Repair Actions' are now in 'Settings', but they're rather out of place there, because they're not really settings. They merit their own section. See my very crude attached image.
  2. @Gt-truth I understand what you are trying to convey, but... If you were hit by malware or adware and have cleansed your system with AdwCleaner, your computer might still have some residual issues or might behave erratically. Then you are advised to use the 'Basic Repair Actions'. Since Malwarebytes has decided to offer some 'Basic Repair Actions' (and not all that are possible), you might end up with a visit to the forum asking for assistance. There they will probably advise you to download and run [some other program], which essentially means that AdwCleaner has a sub-par set of 'B
  3. Thank you, yes those resources are quite sufficient. Like Windows Update, Windows Installer can safely be repaired via Stop Service - Unregister Windows Installer - Reregister Windows Installer - Start Service Fred
  4. [To avoid confusion I decided to create a seperate topic] In AdwCleaner's 'Settings' there is a section called 'Basic Repair Actions'. Since malware might also interfere with the Windows Installer, I would suggest to add 'Fix Windows Installer' to the 'Basic Repair Actions'. See (for instance) here.
  5. Greetings, Thank you for your reply. You are quite right to assume that these sites will give the product team adequate information to address my suggestion. Thank you for your efforts.
  6. In AdwCleaner's 'Settings' there is a section called 'Basic Repair Actions'. Since malware might also interfere with Windows Update, I would suggest to add 'Reset Windows Update' to the 'Basic Repair Actions'. See (for instance) here.
  7. @Suitiepie I really like your suggestion regarding the GUI. It's a great way forward, but I'm also sure that it will be thrown in the bin. I find the Settings button kind of hidden, not easy to find. Yes, I understand that, once you've enabled/disabled the settings, there's no real need to have it displayed obtrusively, but still: it's somehow confusing and not intuitive. I dislike the free space. The robot and skyview are not in any way helpful. They're just there to fill the emptyness. Remove the empty space and you'll end up with a sleeker GUI.
  8. As requested by @LiquidTension The mbst-grab-results.zip. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. The requested zip of the Malwarebytes Support Tool is attached However, the Tool has removed Malwarebytes entirely. Had to re-install the program but it seems to have forgotten my licence key. Please advice. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. Since today, if I want to open Microsoft Edge, Malwarebytes claims that an Exploit was automatically blocked. Then Edge is unresponsive and I need to forcefully close the program. I've added the Advanced Report.Maybe you can shed some light on the problem. Malwarebytes.txt
  11. You don't seem to get much feedback, I fear.
  12. Intel and Microsoft are now offering patches for Spectre for most of Intel's CPU's. I've created a little post to help you safeguard your PC. See here .
  13. As Malwarebytes itself is rather scarce with information about updates and changes of their Malwarebytes Extension for Firefox, I'm trying to collect those here .
  14. Come on. It's not your outrage, but your frustration. Don't make it bigger that it is.
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