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  1. @Suitiepie I really like your suggestion regarding the GUI. It's a great way forward, but I'm also sure that it will be thrown in the bin. I find the Settings button kind of hidden, not easy to find. Yes, I understand that, once you've enabled/disabled the settings, there's no real need to have it displayed obtrusively, but still: it's somehow confusing and not intuitive. I dislike the free space. The robot and skyview are not in any way helpful. They're just there to fill the emptyness. Remove the empty space and you'll end up with a sleeker GUI.
  2. As requested by @LiquidTension The mbst-grab-results.zip. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. The requested zip of the Malwarebytes Support Tool is attached However, the Tool has removed Malwarebytes entirely. Had to re-install the program but it seems to have forgotten my licence key. Please advice. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Since today, if I want to open Microsoft Edge, Malwarebytes claims that an Exploit was automatically blocked. Then Edge is unresponsive and I need to forcefully close the program. I've added the Advanced Report.Maybe you can shed some light on the problem. Malwarebytes.txt
  5. No, Malwarebytes 4.0 will be an evolution, rather than a revolution or a convolution.
  6. You don't seem to get much feedback, I fear.
  7. Intel and Microsoft are now offering patches for Spectre for most of Intel's CPU's. I've created a little post to help you safeguard your PC. See here .
  8. As Malwarebytes itself is rather scarce with information about updates and changes of their Malwarebytes Extension for Firefox, I'm trying to collect those here .
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