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We have Business version of Anti-Exploit and it is not updating on all

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We have Business version of Anti-Exploit and it is not updating on all computers, about 4 out of 36 updated to the latest anti exploit from The rest remained on I was able to get the other clients to update by manually downloading the latest anti exploit from your support site, but I want to make sure that when the next update comes around we will not run into the same problem.


The database version and anti malware version on all clients seem to be updating just fine, it is only the anti exploit part having the issue.

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Hey StroTech,

This is happening because we are currently metering the updates for 1.10. We are slowly updating people to the latest version so all of your clients will eventually pull it and update to the latest version. So you are seeing 1 or 2 clients updating because of that. We do this with our updates to make sure that if there is an issue with the upgrade, we can stop it so it does not affect all machines. 

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Hi, we have an similar issue, so i use this old "case".

Anti-Malware is updating just fine, but Anti-Exploit keeps the old Version,

only the unmanged, stand alone PCs are updating correctly, but none of the managed PCs...

Today we updated the Server to "Malwarebytes_Endpoint_Security_1.8.13.0000" , generated the Installation package for the Clients,... but nothing changed, every managed client has the same old Anti-Exploit-Version.

In the Serverlog you see only "Anti-Malware signature database has been updated, version v2018.06.26.03 and so on, nothing to see from Anti-Exploit or anything else beside Logins.


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