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  1. We only have version on most of our computers because it was manually installed. Most of our computers would not update to the latest on their own. Newly installed computers are not grabbing the update.
  2. We have on site serve for Malwarebytes, none of our clients are updating anti exploit, but everything else is updating successfully. We have it checked in policy to update anti exploit automatically. We have tried updating anti exploit manually on all clients and waited to see if they would update on their own later, this has not worked. We have also tried multiple reinstalls with no success. We have allowed the traffic necessary though our proxy and firewall as well. Not sure what else to do.
  3. Anyone there? or is there somewhere better to get support on this issue?
  4. We have 2 instances where two computers are fighting each other for a positions. It is as if they are being assigned the same ID by the malwarebytes server. If one is offline, the other comes online and it reports in, if the other one comes online, the previous one reporting in no longer shows up and the recently started system shows up. Also, the system logs in the console show logs for both systems. Is there something that I can do to correct this?>
  5. http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ While we do use Trend Micro along side malwarebytes, we have exceptions for them both in the other program. The malwarebytes management console shows that the computers do have IP protection successfully running. But the site says we do not have it enabled.
  6. We had previously reinstalled the management server, so this is happening with a pretty fresh install of it. Could something in the database be messing up? I tried reinstalling the client software on both the computers that are currently having the issue and they still take each others place.
  7. Do you mean reinstall on all 46 or just on the 46th computer? Also, does the installation package store different information about the keys each time you make a package? Or do they pull that information from the server?
  8. Our license is for 48 seats and we have 46 to fill, but only 45 will show in the dashboard at a time. If i get the 46th one back online another one will disappear to keep the number at 45. Any ideas on this?
  9. Thanks for the reply, I checked those logs and while I did see a similar error, it did not include a hash value. Also, it seems to be working currently. I also just updated to the latest management server version, maybe that will help.
  10. Malwarebytes Anti Exploit Keeps changing to unlicensed So far it has happened two times. I had to re-enter the license information to get it back to licensed. I do not understand why this might be happening. Is there something I can do to make sure it does not happen anymore?
  11. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1257 Already checked everything at the above help doc. When visiting https://keystone.mwbsys.com on our management server I got "OK".
  12. Hi, is this still being looked into? i have not gotten an email or a response
  13. Practically all of our computers today detected this same thing: The only ones that have not detected it yet have not been online or have not yet run an auto scan. I am assuming this is a false positive, but want to make sure.
  14. Anti Exploit not updating on some machines, multiple versions behind We have a few machines that are multiple versions behind our other machines. Cannot figure out why they are not updating like the rest. What info do you need?
  15. Our network is locked down and we cannot get the latest version of anti exploit from the posted link https://malwarebytes.box.com Also, is there a way to replace the version of anti exploit that we have on our malwarebytes management server? When we install it on a new computer, it does not seem to be updating to the latest version of anti exploit on its own. I would like to replace it with another copy in case it has some problem.
  16. k, how long should it usually take for a fresh install with an older version of anti exploit to get updated to the current version of anti exploit? Right now A computer we reinstalled the endpoint security on has version Just reinstalled it yesterday.
  17. Also, is it ok to take a recent version of the anti exploit installer and put it into the package template folder on the malwarebytes management server? Then create an installation package.
  18. All of the computers are getting updated to that version, so will have to wait and see if the issue persists. I do have another question. Should the Malwarebytes Management Server automatically update its Package Template folder? Currently it still has version of Anti Exploit. I know after it is installed that it will automatically update to the latest on the client, but is the package template folder version not supposed to get auto updated for future installation packages?
  19. Hello, had two exploit notifications after I updated Office 365, wanted to check and make sure they were false positives: "2018-07-12T10:00:51.226-05:00";"usernameh";"11412";"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Root\Office16\WINWORD.EXE";"9948";"explorer.exe";"2";"502";"301";"0x18061784";"";"0x00020000";"0x18230000";"0x18134000";"0x1822F308";"";"";"";"";"" "2018-07-12T10:01:17.062-05:00";"username";"2300";"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Root\Office16\WINWORD.EXE";"9948";"explorer.exe";"2";"502";"301";"0x1B8B1784";"";"0x00020000";"0x1BA70000";"0x1B974000";"0x1BA6F1F8";"";"";"";"";"" We also had an exploit detection with adobe reader dc and pdfcreator: 7/11/2018 1:02:51 PM Exploit code executing from stack blocked BLOCK username Adobe Reader C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\AcroRd32.exe Attacked application: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\AcroRd32.exe; Parent process name: PDFCreator.exe; Layer: Protection Against OS Security Bypass; API ID: 450; Address: 0x00C6D000; Module: ; AddressType: ; StackTop: 0x00C70000; StackBottom: 0x00C6B000; StackPointer: ; Extra: Total count: 1. Please let me know what else you need.
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