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ransomware for xp

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one of my clients still has an XP system for his cad 97... he got hit by some ransomware, a new variant called locky, which encrypts everything & changes extensions to .lukitus... 

ANYWAYS long story short, after all my recovery methods failed, we looked up the ransom, which is usually ~ 300usd in bitcoins, this one was .5 btc which currently makes it over $2,000! says he doesn't need his data that bad... so as a future prevention i sold him on malwarebytes & afterwards we noticed the ransomare protection won't enable, likely cuz xp is just old AF... 

i need to know, is there any software for xp that can prevent ransomware, or is this something that xp just has to deal with?
or, is this an error & perhaps mbam is supposed to still do it on xp??? to save time & keep his invoice low he says since his software still runs he didn't want me to continue operating to wipe & restore or anything, wants to keep running as-is, and his avast got screwed up as well, he thinks it was a paid version of avast & it wouldn't even run, didn't have enough time to mess with it, my 1hr was up & he didn't wanna pay to continue.

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6 minutes ago, 1geekmercenary said:

my 1hr was up & he didn't wanna pay to continue.

Don't you just love those clients?  Other than getting off that fracking OS. They need to start making Images with a program like Macrium to an external that is not connected except for backups.  Ransome ware is only available on 7 and newer. But the Web protection and anti-exploit might have stopped it from even downloading and running. 

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never heard of macrium, is that a drive imaging software? i've been thinkin about setting up my xp clients up on a virtual box so they can have a modern pc, and also the legacy stuff that won't run on a modern environment, however sometimes i've seen things still not play nice with a vbox... the sorcery is gonna be convincing em to let me spend the time to set that stuff up... & them to pay me for my time... cuz they need to catch up with the rest of us, atleast get to win7 FFS... 

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2 minutes ago, 1geekmercenary said:

is that a drive imaging software?

I encourage every client to start using it. It has never failed me. You just have to take a bit to show them how to use it and sell them a drive

. I made this video for my clients for them to have a reminder on how to make backups.


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CryptoPrevent 8 from FoolishIT provides a level of protection against Ransomware on XP. Nothing is going to give you total protection, however. I use CryptoPrevent Premium on Windows 7 alongside Malwarebytes 3 Premium but, never having been attacked, can only say that the product looks effective. 

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